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Track info/description/metadata/extended notes


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Hi all,


Just been getting back into listening to d&b recently and naturally gravitated towards this place.


I recently discovered a few info sheets included with some 12" promos I have. They include a brief description/blurb about the tracks and are generally used by media outlets to help promote the release.


Then, I saw this interview with Jim of Source Direct where he describes in detail some of his favorite tracks and I thought it was valuable information/insight for the real nerds like me who want the whole back-story etc while discovering new music.



On Discogs, there's a comment section where you can learn quite a bit from people who help paint a picture of the context surrounding particular releases and I think some kind of database of track descriptions, reviews, anecdotes, etc could be an interesting addition to rolldabeats.

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I've got quite a few promo information sheets for Drum & Bass (mainly late 90's to mid 00's). I scanned them all in a few years back with no real plan of what to do with the files. Some of them do make interesting reading so I agree that it would be nice to have an outlet to share the info.


If anyone comes up with a plan then I'm in.

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