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Helter Skelter 'Zoom' - Technodrome 8 Pack 09.12.1995


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A1) Matrix and Wargroover - Neutron Bomb [Area 51 Recordings]

A2) The Men In Black - Say Goodbye [Area 51 Recordings]

A3) Matrix and Wargroover - Yeah [Area 51 Recordings]

A4) The Men In Black - Mental Passion [Area 51 Recordings]

A5) Matrix and Wargroover - Dont Come No Ruffa [Area 51 Recordings]

A6) The Men In Black - Guitar Man [Area 51 Recordings]

A7) Matrix and Wargroover - Energy [Area 51 Recordings]

A8) The Men In Black - Dats How We Do It [Area 51 Recordings]

A9) Sigma 909 - Party People - [K.N.O.R]


B1) Sigma 909 - Party People - [K.N.O.R]

B2) ?

B3) ?

B4) Interrupt - Upside Down (Decay Mix) [upbeat Records]

B5) Mr. Oz & Larry Lush - Northern Lights [Lush Recordings]

B6) Rob Vanden & D-Zyne - Saluting Warriors [Tuff 'N' Up]

B7) Annihilator - Expansion [Mokum]

B8) Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ [Mokum]

B9) Annihilator - Strikeforce [Mokum]

B10) Chosen Few - Danica [Mokum]

B11) Mobile Squat Base - Part 2 [Explore Toi Records]

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A1) Innerchild - Pista Mare [K.N.O.R.]

A2) Lockjaw - Reactor [Ruffneck]

A3) DJ Psycangle - Smile, Fuck Up [Malice]

A4) DJ Isaac - Happy Hardcore Freak [Dwarf]

A5) DJ Gizmo - 2 The Rescue [babyboom]

A6) Jee Beat Squad - Rythum [Jee Beat Base]

A7) DJ Paul Elstak - Don't Leave Me Alone (Hardcore Version) [Rotterdam Records]

A8) DJ Paul - Luv U More (Extended Blast) [Hard Dance]


B1) DJ Paul - Luv U More (Extended Blast) [Hard Dance]

B2) Uranus - Flowed On A Vibe (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Remix) [Master Maximum Trance Traxx]

B3) Headcase - Easy Now (Remix) [Clubscene]

B4) Davie Forbes - Your Love [Evolution Gold]

B5) Hyperact - My Best Friend (Dirty Mix) [Dwarf]

B6) Nakatomi - Free (DJ Hirohito Mix) [Jive]

B7) DJ Paul - Rainbow In The Sky (K&A's Extended Blast) [Rotterdam Records]

B8) Discofrisco & DJ Inferno - Happy Verbs [European Rave Records]

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A1) Technosis - Rushbins [babyboom]

A2) Ferocious - Get On Up [Dwarf]

A3) DJ Isaac vs. DJ Pagan - 2 Definitions [Dwarf]

A4) Ferocious - Everybody Reach To The Top [Dwarf]

A5) DJ Isaac vs. DJ Pagan - Moral Hardcore Abuse [Dwarf]

A6) Ferocious - Please Dont Go [Dwarf]

A7) DJ Isaac vs. DJ Pagan - Anyone Can Dance [Dwarf]

A8) Isaac - Damn Hardcore [babyboom]


B1) Isaac - Damn Hardcore [babyboom]

B2) DJ Waxweazle - Feelings [Waxweazle]

B3) Isaac - Girls & Boys [babyboom]

B4) DJ Waxweazle - Feel Da Rhythm [Waxweazle]

B5) Davie Forbes - Apocalypse Now [babyboom]

B6) DJ Waxweazle - F.U.C.K [Waxweazle]

B7) Davie Forbes - Apocalypse Now [babyboom]

B8) DJ Waxweazle - F.U.C.K [Waxweazle]

B9) Davie Forbes - VG8 (DJK2 Mix) [babyboom]

B10) DJ Waxweazle - Bumrush [Waxweazle]

B11) General Noise - Dance Till I Drop [Forze]

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A1) Dave Clarke - C.O.B.E Theme [strange Fruit Records]

A2 Riccardo Rocchi - Good Fun With A Hand Gun [ACV]

A3 Frank de wulf - Drums In A Grip [Harthouse]

A4 Pilldriver - Protector of Bass [Cold Rush Records]

A5 1000 Blinky Lights - Salsa Rica [ESP records]

A6 ?? 9min

A7 Smash? - Bombengeschaeft [No Mercy Records]

A8 Multicore - The True Techno Gangster [strictly Underground Records]

A9 Bodylotion - Hurt You Bad [Terror Traxx]

A10 Chosen few - Danica [Mokum]

A11 Ace The Space - Go Voodoo (T-Bone Castro's Fiesta-Bass Rmx) [Dance Ecstacy 2001]

A12 Retroactivity - Universal Suffrage [Hot Trax]

A13 Speed Nova - Acid Instinct [industrial Strength]

A14 Technohead - Passion [Mokum]

A15 Commander Tom - Are Am Eye [Noom]


B1) Commander Tom - Are Am Eye [Noom]

B2) Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ [Mokum]

B3) DJ Semzer - Lifeform [Dom Records]

B4) Evil Maniax - Goddamn D.J. (DJ Paul Mix) [Rotterdam Records]

B5) Speed Nova - Impulse [industrial Strength]

B6) Machines - In The Machine (Remixed By DJ Dano & Nico) [industrial Strength]

B7) Genetic Waste - Genetic Waste [Delirium Red]

B8) Vitamin - De Ongestelde Flamingo [Mokum]

B9) Sigma 909 - Trance Overdose [K.N.O.R.]

B10) Powdered Toastman - Alley Oop! [MMR]

B11) Pineapple Jack - Without a Doubt [Mokum]

B12) Short Circuit - Get A Little Deeper [Rotterdam Records]

B13) Pineapple Jack - Do That Dance! [Mokum]

B14) Party Animals - E.H.B.O. [Mokum]

B15) Sons Of Aliens - Deeper [Terror Trax]

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A1) The Shapeshifter - The King [shockwave]

A2) Tank Source - Kik Fuk [MMR Records]

A3) 3Dom - Nasty Drums [semtex Records]

A4) Agro - B1 [Epsilon 001]

A5) DJ Junior - Cranial Impact [semtex Records]

A6) Tank Source - New Yorker [MMR ]

A7) Montini Experience 2 - My House Is Your House [Phoenix Rising]

A8) Disintegrated Pulse - Jolly [Toxic]

A9) Commander Tom - Are Am Eye [Noom]

A10) Bazooka - Ich Hasse Dich (Fete Ute Mix) [shockwave]


B1) Bazooka - Ich Hasse Dich (Fete Ute Mix) [shockwave]

B2) Symmetry - Hardcore Vibes [Toxic]

B3) Bazooka - Hyperfuck (Outo Scooter Mix) [shockwave]

B4) R.Wagner - It’s Driven Me Sick [Dom Records ]

B5) 37 min ?

B6) Sigma 909 - Trance Overdose [K.N.O.R.]

B7) Nasenbluten - Homicide [storm Records Scotland]

B8) 44 min ?

B9) Nasenbluten - Interlectual Killer [storm Records Scotland]

B10) DJ Scorpio - Structurally Unsound [semtex]

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Dj Druid


A1 is Innerchild - Pista mare - KNOR Records

A5 is DJ Gizmo - 2 the rescue - Babyboom


The DJ Producer


1 = Dave Clarke - C.O.B.E Theme - Strange fruit recs

2 = ?? 1min 40

3 = Frank de wulf - Drums in a grip - Harthouse

4 = Pilldriver - Protector of bass

5 = ?? 8min 10

6 = ?? 9min

7 = Smash? - Bombengeschaeft - No Mercy Records 5

8 = Multicore - True techno gangsta

9 = Bodylotion - Hurt you bad

10 = Chosen few - Danica

11 = Ace The Space Go Voodoo T-Bone Castro

12 = Retroactivity - Universal suffrage - Hot trax

13 = Speed Nova - Acid Instinct

14 = Technohead - Passion

15 = Commander Tom - Are Am Eye

16 = Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ

17 = DJ Semzer - Lifeform

18 = Evil Maniax - Goddamn D.J. (DJ Paul Mix)

19 = Speed Nova - Impulse

20 = Disintegrator - In The Machine (Remixed By DJ Dano & Nico)

21 = Genetic Waste - Genetic Waste

22 = Vitamin - De Ongestelde Flamingo

23 = Sigma 909 - Trance Overdose

24 = Powdered Toastman - Alley Oop! - MMR

25 = Pineapple Jack - Without a Doubt

26 = Short Circuit - Get A Little Deeper

27 = Pineapple Jack - Do that dance!

28 = Party Animals - E.H.B.O.

29 = Sons Of Aliens - Deeper


Dj Clarkee A9 = Sigma 909 - Party people - K.N.O.R

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Been working on the Scorpio tracklist,


A1 - The shapeshifter - The king - Shockwave recordings

A2 - Tank source - Kik Fuk - MMR Records

A3 - 3Dom - Nasty drums - Semtex records

A4 - Agro - B1 - Epsilon 001

A5 - DJ Junior - Cranial Impact - Semtex records

A6 - Tank Source - New Yorker - MMR

A7 - Montini Experience 2 - My house is your house - Phoenix rising

A8 - Disintegrated Pulse - Jolly - Toxic

A9 - Commander Tom - Are am eye - Noom

A10 - Bazooka - Ich hasse dich (fete Ute mix) - Shockwave


B1 - Bazooka - Ich hasse dich (fete ute mix) - Shockwave

B2 - Symmetry - Hardcore Vibes - Toxic

B3 - Bazooka - Hyperfuck (outo scooter mix) - Shockwave

B4 - R.wagner - It’s driven me sick - Dom records

B5 - 37 min ?

B6 - Sigma 909 - Trance overdose - K.N.O.R

B7 - Nasenbluten - Homicide - Storm

B8 - 44 min ?

B9 - Nasenbluten - Interlectual killer - Storm

B10 - DJ Scorpio - Structurally unsound - Semtex


Last one of Dj Clarkee is Mobile squat base - part 2 - explore toi records


Thanks to traffic_cone for help with this one.

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8 hours ago, hardsteppa said:

I haven't checked the flyer but was Druid on the original line up for the Technodrome?  Or did he step in at late notice?  He's on the artwork for the pack so I assume he must have been booked in advance


Seems like an out of place booking and selection for the Technodrome

Pretty sure he was just booked. I think the likes of himself, Lomas and Brisk were becoming more 'Bouncy Hardcore' type DJs by this point, not playing a lot of the breakbeat stuff that was phasing out anyway. The Technodrome was usually reserved for your harder Scorpio, HMS, Music Maker; Producer types but occasionally they'd throw in these slightly 'lighter' bouncier DJs like Druid and Brisk :)

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Always good to have folk who can fill blanks on packs like this 😀

Druid was on the flyer for Zoom and Brisk for Keeping The Fires Burning. Then Lomas featured on a few through 96 and Demand at Discovery.

The Technodrome line-ups were definitely more varied pre-'97. 


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