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  1. I think this might be from the same night. I've never heard the rest of the Andy C set or any of Swan'e but the selection from Andy fits that date and they all appear on the flyer for the 5th October
  2. Cool, thanks for the info Apart from the odd Mark EG set it doesn't look like there was much hard trance pre Energy 96 so I haven't paid much attention to the earlier line ups.
  3. I haven't checked the flyer but was Druid on the original line up for the Technodrome? Or did he step in at late notice? He's on the artwork for the pack so I assume he must have been booked in advance Seems like an out of place booking and selection for the Technodrome
  4. I've found the Urban Jungle 94 on Old Skool Jungle Dnb Sets To Download on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10218580123957505&set=gm.1971551459595916 Any dates/names of events would be great
  5. This has just been uploaded to YouTube. I haven't listened to it yet so I'm not sure if it matches the tracklist
  6. Is it possible this could be the Cool Hand Flex tape from July 93? https://www.hardscore.com/?p=9129
  7. Any info on this pack? Sorry I don't have any audio or artwork but the pack looks similar to this http://rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=64777 DJ's Hype Rap Mickey Finn Demo
  8. Thanks JJ, I've tried to find a specific ID on that tune for ages
  9. I think B3 on Phantasy is 'Marshall Jefferson Presents The Truth - Open Our Eyes' but I don't know which remix Agree with mr-rush and djkryptonn ... this is a great set. His old skool set at Helter Skelter 'Time' is another classic
  10. This is a long shot, I suspect it's unreleased but any ID on Zinc's second tune? I've never heard it anywhere else
  11. I've found the whole Frost set on YouTube. Also a Slipmatt set from around the same time
  12. The Eclipse closed in July 92 so it must be earlier
  13. I've just listened to the Ramos set and I think it is from the RSR night. Marley gives a shout out to Supreme & Roni G and I don't think there was another night when Ramos and Supreme were both at Pandemonium.
  14. Is there any chance Ramos could be from a different night? The flyer for the 18th May has Ramos b2b Supreme and I have found this set which sounds like it's from May/June 96. Also Marley says something like the summertime vibe is just around the corner in this set https://soundcloud.c...plodes-volume-2 The Ramos set from this pack definitely sounds like May/June 96 but maybe from a different Pandemonium night? Both sets are the last set of the night so they are definitely from different nights
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