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  1. A3 I think is Everything But The Girl - Blame (Grooverider remix)
  2. Hahaha so it was JJ nice one and nice one Nebkins for finding it Can't say I've ever seen any tape rips from Doncaster Warehouse before Will check Furneys show later Cheers
  3. Found this on DOA earlier this week. Bukem plays the his Manix plate that surfaced a couple of years ago. Mixcloud user has it as 96 but the DOA poster has April 94 which sounds more accurate from the music played Tape rip so not the best quality but a new Bukem mix is always welcome
  4. A couple of new ones put up on his soundcloud.... Listen to Donovan Badboy Smith Feat Mc Bustamove Unreleased Studio Session June 1994 ..in Motion Part 1 by Donovan Smith on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/9XJk4 Listen to Donovan Badboy Smith Jungletechno 1993 Unreleased Studio Mix by Donovan Smith on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ZeG79 Listen to Donovan Smith - Looking Back To 1997 Dnb Rollout 1 by Donovan Smith on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/T6t9v
  5. Worth hunting down if the price is right then
  6. I've been tempted to buy some of those Rave East CDs for years but the post brexit prices from Japan have killed that thought off I can remember seeing them advertised in Eternity mag or on flyers back in 92/93 I think Are they all vinyl rips?
  7. Is there any audio for this online, Other than YouTube?
  8. https://karlk.bandcamp.com/track/stab Another one finally sees the light of day
  9. Wow Some people have their head in the clouds for sure
  10. Die plays an unheard VIP of Clear Skyz as his last track on his latest SWU FM radio show
  11. Clarky warm up set from 07/07/1996
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