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  1. I think MC Warren G sings the main hook on this
  2. Groove in the first few bars sampled in Papa Lover (DJ Stretch Remix) Finally cracked it..
  3. There's an extra tune in Kenny Ken's set between B2 & B3: The Runninz Kru - High Chaparral [Runninz]
  4. Mampi Swift plays the Vip remix of 'i like it' not the standard release remix
  5. Brooklyn A6 Dred Bass - Moods [second Movement] A12 Conroy Smith - Dangerous Jungle (Mix 2)[street Tuff] B4 Cloud 9 - Teach Me To Fly [Moving Shadow]
  6. Can anyone ID the jungle tune (94 or 95) which samples this wicked tune? Had choppy amens + cold sweat and a police siren in it. "we nah go run, go run, go run, go run from the clash,... laaad / we nah go run, go run, go run, go run from the clash,... you see" around 1:00:
  7. Trying to remember what this tune was from '95. N.T. break female vocal as also used in 'Circles' soundtape vox: something like.. "now soundguy wi long time play...we must always try.. to keep the people dem movin" Anyone know it?
  8. Scooby's Dreaming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKEFlMIi83I
  9. Dub to Barrington Levy - You Come To Ask Me What Is Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_R5aiFulLc&feature=fvst
  10. Da Intalex - Mercy /Mercy (Remix) - vocal at 0:11 before 'let me know'.
  11. Originally Jesse jackson. From Wattstax?
  12. Bizzy B actually sampled the Digital B recut from the 90s: Listen here: http://www.reggaecollector.com/en/detail/index.php?number=167432# Release info: http://www.discogs.com/Dennis-Brown-Thriller-U-Rebel-With-A-Cause-Ebony-Eyes/release/2201238 The title should be changed to disinclude Mittoo.
  13. http://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49425-audio-maze-the-dreamer-vs-the-old-testament/page__hl__%2Bold+%2Btestament__fromsearch__1 James Earl Ray - Bible audiobook? or out of the ordinary - the dream (acid mix)?
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