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Stereo MC's - Ground Level (Bass-Ment Dub)


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Break name:


Artist: Stereo MC's

Track name: Ground Level (Bass-Ment Dub)

Original release: Maxi-Single, Ground Level

Label: 4th & Broadway

Cat number: BRCD 268

Year: 1993

Drummer: Steve Jordan



Hyper-On Experience - Thunder Grip

M-D-Emm - Energy Rush (Addiction Mix)

4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her (Phantasy & Aphrodite Remix) [might be from the original source]

Q Project & Spinback - Mars [might be from the original source]

Rantoul - Changeling [might be from the original source]

Omni Trio - Sanctuary (Funky Technicians Remix) [might be from the original source]

Desired State - Antagoniser [might be from the original source]



The original source is David Sanborn - Ramblin' (1992)

, but I think most of the tracks were sampling it from Stereo MC's where it has better compression / EQ (and this thread was made before I found the Ramblin' break). I'm sure that Hyper-On Experience took it from Ground Level single for Thunder Grip, because in the same track they used a piano stab from the original version of Ground Level. Hyper-On Experience also included the clean break in Thunder Grip and a pitched down version in Jungle Warfare 1.


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