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Rise Productions - Bleep 16


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Break name: Bleep 16

Artist: Rise Productions
Track name: Bleep 16
Original release: 12", Audio Analysis EP
Label: Hilltop Records
Cat number: RISE 001
Year: 1991


It's a 3rd generation Yo Chuck break. It samples Coldcut - Ride The Pressure (Plenty Of Fun Mix), which samples Hardhouse - Yo Chuck (https://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?/topic/53921-hardhouse-yo-chuck/). Coldcut added extra snare and sub bass over Hardhouse's break, and Rise Productions added extra hihats over Coldcut's break.

S.S.P. - Jungle Techno (1991)
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Everybodys Under the Influence (1991/1992) {this version of the break with cowbells was sampled multiple times as well: https://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?/topic/72544-dj-phantasy-dj-gemini-everybodys-under-the-influence/}
Dave Charlesworth - Energizer 2A (1992)
Space Cadet - House The Crowd (1992)
The Brothers Grimm - Field Of Dreams (1992)
Lemon D - Subconscious (6.00 AM Mix) (1993)

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