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hardhouse - Yo Chuck


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Rufige Kru - Krisp Biscuit

DJ Royal T and DJ XL - Move in Motion (Tough Mix)

DJ Royal T and DJ XL - Fantasy in Motion (Piano Mix)

Kev Bird - This Is a Trip

Scott-Free - Street Fighting (Martial Arts Mix)

Liftin' Spirits - Giggle N Rush

Head - Untitled [Formation]

Jungle House Crew - Dark Sides

Automation - Wild E

The Invisible Man - Bonus Turbo Cut

Industrial High - Militant Core (sampled 3:39 in Yo Chuck)

Dub Collective - Take Me Away (sampled 3:39 in Yo Chuck)

Timebase feat. Kromozone - Fireball

Eat Static - Cyber Funk

Coco Bryce - Desire


Coldcut - Ride The Pressure (Plenty Of Fun Mix) (1990) -- 2nd gen Yo Chuck break, consists of Yo Chuck, extra snare, sub and shakers

[unknown, 1990 or 1991] -- 3rd gen Yo Chuck break, consists of Ride The Pressure (Plenty Of Fun Mix) and open hihats


Tracks with this 3rd gen Yo Chuck break:


SSP - Jungle Techno (1991)

The Tripper - Extreme

Bass Construction - Dance With Power (Tripper Mix)

Sudden Def - Outa Control

Orca - My Brothers

The Brothers Grimm - Field of Dreams

Dexxtrous - Innervision

Lemon D - Subconscious (6 AM Mix)

DJ Ham - Most Uplifting (New Decade Remix)

Enthusiast 162 loop in Jungle Warfare 1


my demo of Ride The Pressure break and unknown 3rd gen break compiled from different sources:


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