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Ratty - Amenesia House / Bang-In-Tunes Double Pack - 1993


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More of a mix id rather than a Tune ID.


Part of this mix is definitely Ratty as its similar to other sets of his from around March / April 1993. Is this from 26th March Amnesia House event at The Edge?

The sequence of 3 tunes from the second time Music In Search Of The Light plays is the same last 3 tunes listed on the Fabio set from that night (confusingly on a Dance Trance Series 93 Part 2 double pack tape).



Unknown DJ

Rhythm For Reasons    Music In Search Of The Light
Jim Polo & Neil Vass     Rolling Energy
Secret Squirrel & A.J. Flex     Come Rudebwoy 
Lemon D    Pursuit Thru The Darkness

Tape jumps

Ratty ??

Rhythm For Reasons    Music In Search Of The Light
The Brothers Grimm    Jungle Trance
DJ Seduction    Sub Dub
DJ Hype    Weird Energy (Hells' Bells Mix)
Tango & Dom    My Mind Is Going (Remix)
Noise Factory    Breakage #5
DJ Mayhem     Storm Trooper
Secret Squirrel & A.J. Flex     Come Rudebwoy 
Dopeski & Jakes     Contankarous (Remix)
Jack N Phil    Punishment
DMS    Mindwreck (Fusion Remix)
The Brothers Grimm    Sign Of The Times 
Dopeski & Jakes     Snowstorm (Remix)
DJ Mayhem    Cold Acid
D-Force     Ruff!!! 
Tango & Fallout    Intrigue
Tango    Future Followers
Smooth But Hazzardous    Push Up The Levels

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