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  1. This is definately an 8 pack I have the physical pack
  2. Any of The Slammin Vinyl Hardcore 12 packs full covers & D&B 8 packs full as well would be legendary too
  3. Absolute legend , any chance U have the back cover please
  4. Could someone tell me the tape layouts please only theres tracklists that doesnt fill a full tape IE if Ratty is on the other side of Ramjack
  5. Do You have this pack without the joined set
  6. Did'nt know where to put this ,,, But does anyone have this pack ripped ,,, I lost mine ages ago please
  7. I'm not surprised Sharkey ain't been chiined plenty of times I mean sexualising Dougals little sister & takin the major piss out of Charlie B too , He was skatin on thin ice tbh
  8. Did'nt Slipmatt have time to attend/play at this event so did a Studio Mix instead ???
  9. This pack is pure an utter fire , Mr - Darren " AWOL " Jay Himself , Andy " Ram Records/Trilogy " C , gettin Thin Wid Da Finn are absolute stromers
  10. Scuzz m8 , I sent You a PM , can You reply with a Yay or Nay please
  11. Theres a tape pack fomat to this too , as well as the global gathering previous as well
  12. This pack is pure an utter fire , Brockie , Finn & Swift are on it
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