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  1. Sorry, did I mean Noise Factory - Urban Music
  2. Same one as from Lemon D - Pursuit Thru The Darkness?
  3. Held string + embellishment on intro, used throughout: Northern Connexion - For She https://www.discogs.com/release/17217-Northern-Connexion-Think-For-She
  4. Break begins ~4:20 Also used in (i think?): Peshay - Represent https://www.discogs.com/release/5506-DJ-Peshay-Psychosis-Represent
  5. Thanks! I really enjoy listening in to their shows, really get a vibe of tuning into some pirate from back in the day, not sure how they do it maybe some combination of the voiceovers and tune selection!
  6. Trying to tracklist this show, a lot of stuff from the early '93 into 1994 period, can anyone help fill in any blanks? https://www.mixcloud.com/infraredfm/master-4-breeza-hardcore-junglist-show-25th-april-24/ Master 4: Plasmic Life - Sphere ??? Rufige Kru - Terminator 2 Nasty Habits - Mayday Mayday ??? << know this tune well, but can't place it Bizzy B & Peshay - Come Down Love Dove Jay - Sonic Plan ??? Double H Productions - How Dark It Is (Remix) ??? Plasmic Life - Give It To Em ??? Bizzy B & D-Lux - Visualise Your Desires Remarc - Mayhem Plasmic Life - Death Trip Drum + Bass - That Ruff Track!! DJ Pulse - Warning Breeza: Mayhem - Inesse Steve C & Monita - The Razors Edge Skanna - This Way ??? EKUDCM - On Dope ??? "Phineus 2" ??? "Formation" ??? Phineus 2 - Cantankerous Cook Up Tom & Jerry - Papillion Love Song Ment 4 Bass - Strings Free Tom & Jerry - Patch Of Blue ??? Peshay & Roger Johnson - See The Light ??? Noise Factory - Out Of Our Heads ??? Wots My Code - Dubplate ??? "Hectik Records" 007 - Your Love Is All I Need
  7. I note it seems to be overlaid with something of Three Times Dope - Mr Sandman (as mentioned in the Supreme DJ Nyborn - Versatility thread), or at least something aping that... is it the same break loop but edited, do you think?
  8. Break name: Artist: Billy Squier Track name: The Big Beat Original release: LP, The Tale Of The Tape Label: Capitol Records Cat number: ST-12062 Year: 1980 Drummer: Bobby Chouinard / Billy Squier Also available on: 7", Capitol Records [4901] Example: Dream Team / Dynamic Duo - Shadow Mike Underground - We Are Live Note: Highly iconic & defining hip-hop breakbeat that I'd previously been under the assumption had never been used in jungle / drum & bass, then one day listening to the Dream Team track I thought... hold on a minute?! Just stumbled on the Mike De Underground track now, which reminded me to post. Looks like it originally came out on the album, which indications suggest was May that year. A single of it was later issued in July. A 12" release as a b-side came out later in 1981 (possibly prompted by its popularity in that early hip hop era?) An interesting article on the record is here https://nypost.com/2013/11/16/the-hip-hop-rebirth-of-billy-squier/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y6VopU_mH4
  9. One further question on all this is - what exactly, is the correct format of these catalogue numbers for this white label LION sequence? Spoox's list on the link above (and indeed, as cited also here) has them all as LION 0xx... From a bit of scouring otherwise on wayback machine, I was able to find a bit more info about this - One of the various urls I was able to confirm for Exodus Distribution (as ran by DJ Souljah) was www.exodusdistribution.com - which seems to have been active for a short while during 2002: http://web.archive.org/web/20020206192107/www.exodusdistribution.com/ Though you can't see the images for that table-layout website anymore, one of the panels from it links to the site www.docky.com - which, from clicking on the text stating 'Enter', takes you to into the main store at which point another link is given, stating: "We are official Congo Natty Suppliers. Check out our current range of Natty vinyls here." https://web.archive.org/web/20011203084741/http://www.docky.com/docky/index.htm (Turns out this Docky 'official' Congo Natty page was linked already from spoox's old congonatty.jungli.st site - and indeed, from the older natty.dhs.org version of it also...) Travelling on that wayback link to the snapshot Feb 07 2002 confirms some details on LIONs 1, 2, 3 & 4 - going by all this, it would seem to confirm this LION sequence of cat numbers was indeed something that came direct from Exodus Distribution, and therefore, were 'official' cats for this series. To cross-reference all what we have, lets see: # Docky Juno Nu-Urban HTFR hhv.de 'SOUR' 1 LION 1 LION 001 LION 001 – 2 LION 2 LION 002 LION 002 – 3 LION 3 LION 003 LION 003 LION003 "Lion 003" 4 LION004 LION 004 LION 004 – "Lion 004" LION004 [BPM] (11-27-2002) 5 – LION 005 LION 005 – LION5 (#4307 2002/07/29) Nu-Urban 6 – – LION 006 LION006 7 – LION 007 LION 007 – – (#5169 2002/12/21) 8 – LION 008 LION 008 LION8 – (#1487 2001/02/07) Nu-Urban 9 – LION 009 LION 009 – 10 – LION 010 LION 010 LION010 LION10 (#6187 2003/08/12) 11 – – LION 011 – LION 11 (#6888 2004/02/06) 12 – – LION 012 – LION 12 (#6889 2004/02/06) So I guess going by all this, it would seem the number form 0xx is correct, with the majority indicating a space between the 'LION' and the number...
  10. Ok, so after a bit of confusion on this, looks like the true LION 009 has turned up finally, on discogs! https://www.discogs.com/release/15682786-Tribe-Of-Issachar-Here-I-Come Going by the pictures, it has the same stamper impression as what we see from the other LION 'reissues' - that is, a sunken depressed inner area with a single concentric circle at a distance from the spindle - reminiscent of the stamper impression of either Damont or Broadcrest Apparently it has the run-out etchings TRIBAL NATTY b/w TRIBAL which corresponds with the worded run-outs on the other LIONs, though is not clear if it has the '✡'/ star of david markings seen with some of the others. I'll update the post above with this detail, also will update with some slightly better guestimates for some of those Juno datings given as '1990'... which are obviously well out. So far, the item codes in the urls for the listings on Juno have all proven to be chronologically ascending, which by doing a bit of back-and-forth means we can narrow down each to within a month - if not much closer.
  11. Is it just me or has the quality of these modern reissues & unreleased issues gone down over the past 4-5 years or so? Like, just way too loud & over compressed. It doesn't sound good. Who is responsible for this?
  12. I agree the other version of it is better. I haven't tried playing it yet however It's not the best quality in the world. Though it does have a spanking new Tim Reaper revisit of Peeni Porni on the flip, which could be worth it
  13. DJ Solo - Made In London https://www.discogs.com/release/150165-DJ-Solo-Deal-Wid-It-Made-In-London
  14. I noted there was no view source / bbcode option as you say, earlier myself. This could become a problem when composing more complex forum posts
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