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  1. Andy C A1) Flynn & Flora - Bass Speaker (DJ Krust The UFO Mix) [Independent Dealers] A6) Firefox & Suvivor - Back Out Of Dis [Philly Blunt]
  2. Funky Flirt A4) correction - Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (Mix 2) [Formation] A7) correction - Roni Size - It's Jazzy (Felix Road Mix) [V] only tease Bryan G / Andy C B1) correction - Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased] B3) correct track is The Vagrant - Time [Fuze] Nicky Blackmarket A1 - A3 is Funky Flirt, Nicky Blackmarket starts from A4 A3) correct track is London's Most Wanted - Girls Dem Want It [Philly Blunt] DJ Die between B2 & B3 - Roni Size - Saturday [Independent Dealers] Andy C/ Brockie The Terrorist - Chopper [Dread] is coming in after A8 DJ SS A6) Mental Power - Intelligence Unknown [Formation] DJ Hype Tape A1 - B1 is Shy FX A7) is actually an unreleased mix of Blackstreet - No Diggity. Probably by Special K or Mental Power/DJ SS. Also played by - DJ Rap - Devotion - 96.12.31 & Vibealite - 97.02.01 & Helter Skelter - 97.03.15, DJ SS - Amazon Vol.6 - 97.01.11 & Warning - 97.12.20, Shy FX - Heat - 97.03.07 A10) correction - Mask - Replay (Intro Version) [Downbeat] A11) correct track is Potential Bad Boy - The Spirit [Ebony] B1) sounds like Shy Fx's version of Double 99 - Ripgroove ''Get it in your head It's never gonna stop We're never gonna stop putting out those hits We're never gonna stop making you dance, dance, dance'' same sample is used in Shy Fx - The Message DJ Hype indeed starts from B2 B6) Concept 2 - Cause N Effect [Ram - Speed Of Sound] >>> Gang Related & Mask - Concentration [Dope Dragon] (tease)
  3. Forgot that before, Bryan Gee B9 & Darren Jay A1 - Kitachi - Spirit (Roni Size Remix) (Unreleased Version) (also played by DJ Die Telepathy - 23rd August 1997)
  4. Andy C B7) is the original mix Link B9) Dillinja - Soul Control [V]
  5. Brooklyn & Gary T (Part 1) A6) Dillinja - The Final Piece [Chronic] B1) Mask - You Rang [Dope Dragon] B3) Fate - The Shuffle [Eastside] Brooklyn & Gary T (Part 2) A8) correction - Roni Size - It's Jazzy (Felix Road Mix) [V] Nicky Blackmarket B11) correction - Tekniq - The Riot (Original Mix) [Formation] Brockie A7) Unrealeased DJ Kane ???
  6. DJ DB - The Journey & The Voice - 1996 B7) B.L.I.M. - Their Culture [Emotif]
  7. May/Jun 97 (a Friday night) Dark One & Oly S (with MC Gaps) / DJ Touch (with MC A1) A10) Dillinja - The Final Piece [Chronic]
  8. June 97 (a Sunday, possibly 29/06/97) Embee & MATT (with MC Spidey G) / DJ Diesel (with MC Spidey G & MC Curse) / DJ Elite & Maverick A2) Embee - 'Love Will Make It Right' [Unreleased] (samples Hanson & Davis - Tonight (Love Will Make It Right)] A3) Stakka & K.Tee - Mainline [Liftin' Spirit] B5) Indo Aminata - Leo Leo (Peshay Instrumental Mix) [Milano 2000] B10) Decoy - Dragon [Penny Black] >> Sun Electric - Eya (Future Forces Inc Hardware Mix) [Apollo]
  9. Nicky Blackmarket tape B2) Digital - Red Head [Function] Bad Company tape A3) K - Oblivious [Subtitles] Red One B1) Sonic & Silver - Hard Times [Timeless]
  10. Total Science A4) A-Sides - Momentum [Eastside] A5) Fellowship - Delusions (Matrix Remix) [Phuturistic Bluez] A7) Juju - Fire Alley [Subtronix]
  11. DJ SS (@ Code) A8) Generation Dub - Contact [Reformed]
  12. Hype 9) JB & Dj Spice - The Bom Bom Track [Back 2 Basics] 10) Roni Size - Synction [V Recordings] 14) Tron - Atomic [Global Thang]
  13. Kamanchi - Eazy [Unreleased] Any chance to hear the whole show?
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