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Moving Fusion - Turbulence Rmx


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see this listed in a Andy C chart in ATM magazine. It said it was forthcoming on the 'Beginning EP' double pack at the time.


the cd version of this just had the original mix on it as the "bonus" tune but the remix never surfaced.

never heard it but there was alot of buzz I remember about the so called remix that was floating about then.


must of been dead rare as not many dj's even played it.

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  • 13 years later...

I read an interview with Moving Fusion where they said they made one just for the Sound in Motion launch party (might have been another party at The End though), I don't think it was ever really intended to be released though.


I'd kill for a chance to hear that set. Probably their play was exclusive and a big surprise for everyone, even Andy C didn't suspect that was coming. Perhaps weeks later mr. C played it @ the next event @ The End, I suppose.

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From what you can hear on the clip, it doesn't sounds too bad but i guess their Beginning EP tracks were already in circulation at that time (cheers jj for the broadcast date) & it sounds too much like those (Beginning). For such a big original tune a remix would need to be even bigger & unique.


Clip came from DJ Flatliner some years ago, he posted it on twitter i think.

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