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93/94 Jungle tunes - ID's wanted!!


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Hi all,


Ive been scouring my old pirate radio tapes and have found some that I've been unable to ID. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


1. Airy Fairy tune Click

2. Bass Bass Bass Click

3. Its a feeling, my heart starts beating Click

4. I feel it Click

5. I got the music in me Click

6. Im a real (good dancer) Click

7. Intelligent Jungle tune Click

8. Kill ya tonight Click

9. Pan Pipe Jungle (Possibly on Hi Pois'n records) Click

10. Predator tune (Not the Shimon tune) Click

11. Pure 94 Click

12. Woolah Woolah, a special request Click

13. X amount wid de respect Click


Thanks in advance, any info is more than welcome!! :)

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13. could be   Vorte-X - Self-Destruct  on Grand Larceny...  not too sure if this is the right details but I am sure I actually have the track... will dig it out...


You're right, it is Vorte-X - Self-Destruct.


These tunes were all posted on the B2VOS forum as well last year and Nemesis_UK got them all solved between the 2 forums. I forget what #3 is called but the others are:


1 = Harmony & Extreme ? Mystified ? Section 5

2 = EQ ? So Damn Tuff (Ray Keith remix) ? Formation

5 = DJ Transit ? Music In Me (Hard mix) ? JD Connection

9 = RJ ? Oriental Sunrise ? Hi Pois?n

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