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white label id


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i think it's this one:

Label Name Congo Natty


Release Artist Congo Natty

Media Type 1 x 12"

Year 2002


A Congo Natty Haile Selassie I Lives

AA Congo Natty Haile Selassie I Lives Dub Mix


but my copy has catalogue number:

Haile Selassie I

it's the "lives" that makes me doubt

one side is a track with heavy basslines and a guy singing "emperor selassie" for a couple of times after each other

the other side is an old school sounding jump up track

i'm pretty sure it's this,since i got it in a pack with mostly congo natty whites

if no one can help me i'll try to upload audio

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Hmmm, no, it's not this.


I think I have the record you mean: it has an "Emporer Selassie" amen mix on one side. On the flip there is a track with a funky intro, followed by a number of flatulent basslines, and a guy screaming "Raw!!" before every new drop.


catalog # is HAILE SELASSIE I.


I found it on the internet with the following track listing, although I can't confirm that, because my copy is a promo.



Lion Of Judah feat. Bounty Hunter


A - Emperor Selassie '99

B - Revolution



Could this be the one you have?

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