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PDJ2/PDJ02 [Planet Earth]


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All errors on etching included!


A = Respect 2 Jezz, Mark Dale Colin Dale. DMS, Clarky, Nick O'D, Ray Keith, Tony, Fabio, Del, Maria (Unity Rec), Passion Records cru ♥, Tempo, Madmixx, Ray, Paul, Noodles & Wonder, DJ Blackmark, Joe and the 'Green Apple FM' cru. DJ Easyrider, DJ Nick, Roachman, Dextrous, Ranks, DJ Gee, Abstract Minds, The King of + 8, Jon at Phuture, Liquid, Drew at Equinox, Nikki at 'Fantazia', Vivienne @ Impact, Dego @ Reinfoced Rec, Miley @ Defection FM, DJS Unlimited Agency, Rush Release Cru, Suburban Base Rec, Power Promotions, Jack In The Box, [image of smiley face]


[image of star] Respect 2 Huffyand the rest of 'The Redeye' cru, Bobby. G, Martin. W, MC Rush and the Top Bud [image of face], Shaun T, Funky Farrell, Champion Rec massif!, Caroline at Westbury Pub,


- DJ Lemon Drop comin 'atch ya! Here 2 give 'u' the hardkore. Planet Earth Records 92/93. 081423 5047 - 0819048214. [image of spliff] ? A Buzzin Production. 92 - Phuture Promotions 1992 [publishing symbol] ?....


AA = Many thanks 2 - Tony, Del + Maria @ Unity, Nick, Ray + Clarky @ Blkmarket and 2 da ♥ passion krew ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - !!!!


Published by Westbury Music/Phuture Music. DJs Unlimited. [written above Phuture Music]

engineered by Jezz @ Blockhouse [symbol of house] studios


Look out 4 forthcomin' trax on Planet Earth - "Dark Unit Productions 4 track EP" & Atlantis - Toxic [skull & crossbones symbol] Rhythms EP" coming for 93.....


3 Track EP DJ On Wax produced by Lemon D....


Respect 2 - Huffy of Buzzin' productionz..


[guy smoking spliff] "110% homegrown tracks. - [Planet Earth logo] Planet Earth Recordings" - A label 4 the DJs.


Mailing list. 0814235047./0819048214.


[image of raver?] Hardkore 4 the 21st century. [Planet Earth logo]


- another Buzzin' Production ? [image of spliff] 1992/93

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