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  1. Amazing find, I could never decipher that sample!
  2. Intro pianos and vocals Lyrics: I'm so in love, I'm so in love with you This is the real deal You can give me truth You can give me pain You can give me what you want, I'll play You can give me sun And you can give me rain But baby in your heart is where I'll stay Sampled in: PLUMP001 side A [Trigger Happy Records] (not currently in database: https://www.discogs....-Happy-Untitled)
  3. Nice one, thanks! I had no idea Patti LaBelle had a Nu Jack Swing phase btw
  4. I think just about every other sample from this tune has been IDed on these forums already, but not the main gospel sample that gives the track its name. Comes in around 1:15: It's so massively chipmunked that I can't even make out what it says other than "...testify...". Maybe someone with the 12" can put it on at 33rpm / -8% and at least decipher the lyrics?
  5. Argh I checked that one and convinced myself that it wasn't it :rolleyes: Cheers JJ!
  6. From around 52:08 in this set: Doesn't seem to be any of the ones that got released. It also doesn't sound like the 1993 PA mix that Nicky Blackmarket was playing in summer '93 (clip of that mix here: ). Any ideas?
  7. "Me a badboy, me nah talk bout it If a knife, you know say me have me ratchet" Studio II - Bad Boy Rhythm [Redskin -- RS005]
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FCe-42v35c Sampled in: Tom & Jerry - I Surrender [Tom & Jerry] Ohh Oooh And I wanna know
  9. That's exactly right -- it's the "so" line right before the tune drops. Shame I still can't think of the jungle tune that samples it
  10. Wicked ID that! Gonna have to watch the whole thing now, looks amazing. "Ya hear dem talk bout de bomber? Well dis is de nyammer!"
  11. Logic

    SWV - Weak

    "I try hard to fight it No way can I deny it Your love's so sweet It knocks me off my feet" Sampled by: IG1 Collective - Lova's Rok [Awesome]
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiXoIZ7pf9g Sampled in: Aphex Twin - Come On You Slags [Warp] "I'm going to give you a coming out party, at your house. It's perfect and you can't refuse, its my gift to you. Its your fantasy. Fantasia, having a party is not my idea of a fantasy, especially right now. The party isn't the fantasy. I know what you'd like. Its a fantasy you once told me about, remember? I dont remember telling you about a---What is it? What's the fantasy?"
  13. Nice one JJ -- blast from the past!
  14. Yes, that's the one I was thinking of! The chipmunking had me thinking it was a '92 tune. Been in my collection all along :rolleyes:
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