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Kurtis Blow - Do The Do [CLIP]


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I thought it would be good to mention


Skanna - Find me



as i am pretty sure it also uses this break but uses much more of the beginning drums before the rides\cymbals come in. It really almost sounds like a completely different break, but for a tiny bit of ambient mic bleed. Considering you can then HP filter the rides from the second part of the beat and slap them on top, it makes the break much more malleable. The claps can then be edited out and can be made much tighter should you desire to layer another break over the top. The intro fill has been used many a time as a beat in its own right too.

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Nah, the original has cymbals throughout the entire breakdown - BUT, if you turn the release down on the samples once its cut up you can eliminate pretty much all of the ride noise and end up with something very similar to what Krust has above. A little bit more judicious slicing would give you an almost identical result
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Just giving some thought as to the time this break got first used...


Other than Unit 1 "Atlantic Drama" which I'm often fond of mentioning came before Horizons, I had figured the first time must be this from 1993: Tom & Jerry - side AA, track 3 http://www.rolldabea..._jerry/shell007


The breaks a bit back to front hence why probably not obvious at first, although i see Anthony posted a video for it above... However I have since come across a usage that pre-dates that! It's this on the Alien & Monster record label:


3 Thieves & A Liar - Forseeing The Future (Regga Mix) [1992]



To be honest, it was only from forcing myself to listen to the b-side mix of this 12" that I even noticed; by my days what a crazy tune it is. The beat is completely off canter to everything else, the bassline goes up and down and all over the shop - it makes no sense! It even sounds like they've slipped some quarter tones in there. And that's not taking the piano riff into account, i don't know what chord group they're using but it sounds odd.


Obviously been fiendishly designed to make some poor soul that's just come up on 'E' feel like they're losing even more of the plot... I wonder if it was it was ever played at an event? :rolleyes:


Prior to that, well I suppose there was Black Sheep "Strobelite Honeys" from 1991, but that's from using the bit without the ride cymbal. Oh and its hip hop.

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So, looks like I've found the first clear usage of this break - and that's prior to the odd usage in the Tom & Jerry track

... though after the 3 Thieves & A Liar / Alien track (that uses a different part, anyway)


SMD - side B, track 1 [sDO1]





All accounts of this put it around mid 1993 - discogs has it as July 1993

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