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Plastic Jam


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Break name: Plastic Jam


Artist: Plastic Jam

Track name: Reggae S/Stick

Original release: LP, Plastic Jam - Plastic Jam Breakbeats

Label: Labello Blanco

Cat number: NLB04

Year: 1993

Drummer: Plastic Jam


Example: Dillinja - Silver Blade (acoustic drums, not the Boymerang break); Photek - Rings Around Saturn

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We need a clip of this!


Also I believe there's some other breaks on here that have widespread use in drum & bass too - such as the one used in Flatliner - No Boundaries?


Edit: See here http://rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=36984

Break in question on the album is "Dope Break"

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I can't hear exactly the bit from Silver Blade in this


Also - Rings Around Saturn - I imagine you are talking about the intro beat rather than the main break.


There's a couple more records that's gonna be sampling from this album:

Source Direct - Future London

SDR & Subsonic - Paradise

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Right... think I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say most of these examples are likely sampling from "We Are The Ragamuffin (Programme)"


It has a segment of "We The Ragamuffin" in it (i think; either the second or third phrase), already programmed / processed, I mean there is so much to choose from here why wouldn't you choose the bit that's already been chosen, sort of thing.


In fact... would seem you are already talking about this track as the details are swapped around on the labels & cover


"Reggae S/Stick" as you reference would indicate the first tune on side four, but is infact the one I mention - "We The Ragamuffin (Programme)"

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