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Read this first: rules and guidelines for the Tune ID section


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Some rules and guidelines if you're posting a tune to be ID'd:

  1. This is a Jungle/DnB forum. Please stick to ID's for jungle tunes or songs that were sampled in jungle (though that should really belong in the sample ID thread).
  2. Please put a description of the unknown tune in your thread title. Let's avoid thousands of threads called "Tune ID"
    For instance, instead of "Tune ID" or "Unknown tunes," try something like:
    "3 unknown hardcore tunes" or "1993-95 jungle IDs" or even "Weird beepy tune ID" ;)
    It gets difficult to differentiate all these threads named the same!
  3. If there are multiple ID's in 1 post, please update your post to reflect which ones have been identified and which ones haven't. It makes it a LOT easier for people to find out what needs to be done...
    This doesn't mean you need to remove the link, just update your main post with the ID'd info (as you are able to edit your own posts).
    For an example, see this thread.
  4. A clip will give you a much higher chance than just describing it.
    Also, a 'direct host' (click the link and it starts to download) will give you a higher chance than the "click the link, click on the free download button, fill in the CAPTCHA, wait 1 minute, now you can download but for the next download you will need to wait 30 minutes" hosts (Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc).
  5. If you're posting a clip, make sure it's as unique as possible! If there's a vocal in the tune, make sure it's in your clip! If there's a unique sound/riff in the tune, make sure it's in your clip!
  6. But don't post a high-quality full-length MP3!!!
  7. Be patient... not everybody is constantly checking this site! And some people can only check clips at home/at work. So don't start nagging after 1 hour...

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