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DJ Crystl - Warpdrive ('reconstructed' version)


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Can anyone help?


Some time back in 2001/2002 I downloaded "Warpdrive" off Audiogalaxy and was slightly confused because the distinctive 'scattering' snares of the track sounded somewhat different!


Recently I had the chance to compare it to the original 12" mix and yes, there are a number of differences between the two that leads me to surmise that at some stage, in the footsteps of Satin Storm AND Omni Trio, DJ Crystl for some reason decided to re-engineer this classic track of his.


("Think I'm Going Out Of My Head" and "Renegade Snares (Roasted Rollin' Mix)" respectively)



I assume the MP3 I downloaded was ripped from a drum & bass compilation CD, but the question is, which one? This needs to be documented in the database because they are certainly two seperate tracks.

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I don't think so...


The track is almost identical to the original, its jsut been 'remastered' / 'reconstructed'


The mash-up 'amen' in it is slightly harder - a la the sound of the very distinctive processed amen that Crystl showcased in the tracks "King Of The Beats" / "Deep Cover" / "Inna Year 4000"


The general soundstage is slightly different


Most different at all is the 'scattering' snares, where as the original mix goes

"dugga-dugga da-ga da-ga da!"


the remix goes

"da-ga, da-ga du-lu-du-lu-du"

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