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some tune IDs needed


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hi rolldabeats massive


a couple tune IDs ->


1. 94 ragga-jungle "if you don't like informer.. put up your hands" - had it on an old tape from ages ago but that's all i can describe it as


2. early 95 - sounds very much like something Shy FX might have done ... got a slightly pitched down ragga sample ".............blah blah blah .. blah blah blah gonna Murder dat" this repeats .. then amens come in with a Shy FX/SOUR sounding horns , then the sample "murder dat" gets repeated .. sick tune - very likely to be SOUR related but not sure


3. 93 darkside - male vocal sample - "i'm sorry .. i dont understand"


4. 95 downtempo house - I heard this on the radio played by James St. Bass here in Toronto in 96 - no idea when it came out but I reckon it came out within a year or so of when I heard it - so 95/96. I had it on tape but when I lost the tape, i phoned in and asked him what it was and he couldnt remember. soo here goes:


kinda ambient downtempo-housey tune - really chilled out with a slow sexy heart beat rhythm. a woman is speaking throughout the track.. starts out saying "step into my orchid... (dont remember the rest of what she is saying but it is really laid back kinda sexy monlogue) .. then as the track ends she says "so .. step into my orchid"


anyone? this is a really beautiful tune but i've yet to find anyone who knew it


5. 94 tune - this one is by DJ Demo - has sample from movie "you drop the gun, and i'll let go of the girl" or something - need to confirm which one


6. another 94 Demo tune - has sample from soundclash "promoter- get the cameraman off the stage ....... my rassssclaaaat" (timestretched) anyone?



if anyone wants to sell or trade these tunes to me PM me





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