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Stage One Music


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The Stage One Music Company Ltd.

This organisation appears to be primarily a music publishing company, that is seemingly the parent of a number of different labels. However it seems it may also be a label in its own right



Owner: Femi Olasehinde &

Contact: The Stage One Music Co. Ltd.

PO Box 1000, Highams Park

London E4 9FJ


Tel: (020) 8523 2200

Fax: (020) 8527 3300



E-mail: info@stageonemusic.co.uk (Discogs)


Description: Miscellaneous Publishing


(It appears that the correct web addresses may actually be info@stage1music.co.uk & http://www.stage1music.co.uk)





Some alternate contact details:


Stage One Music,

PO BOX 1000,





Fax: 0181 270 0011

Tel: 0181 597 2291





It seems that it has a sister organisation titled Stage 1000, apparently owned solely by Laura Young (Discogs)


Stage 1000

PO Box 1000


E4 9FJ

Phone Number: 020 85232200

Fax Number: 020 85273300

E-mail: info@stage1music.co.uk

Website: www.stage1music.co.uk


Company Categories: Media / New Media / Creative





This might have been interesting:

<< EDIT: DEAD; nothing
; see

Inner Space website - www.obsolete.com/anomaly/is "Articles on The Stage One Music Company"

gets me as far as

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Stage One as a label does not exist in RDB, but Discogs currently groups the following compilation albums under its banner:

Safe and Sound Music


Life On Mars

Just 4 U

Just 4 U

Stage 1 (!!!)


Stage One as a label therefore is related to:

Safe and Sound Music

Life On Mars

Stage 1

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