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Should free digital labels be included?


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We definitely do need more mods and that's something that I want to try and find. I think the guys who currently do look through all the queued releases know enough about current music to make at least an educated guess but the shear number of them will cause a problem. We are also all old so don't have that much time to do all of this!


aye, you must've been doing this for 10 years. Maybe you can get your kids obsessed with dance music and have them take over?

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heheh. well, im sure by the time it happens, they will have absolutely no interest in d&b or house anyways...


well, keep up the good work. maybe if releases are semi-automatically loaded from the juno chart, and search results are prioritised based on how well connected they in the db to other artists, labels, releases... starts to sound a bit like google.... who knows, maybe it will scale perfectly after all.


time to go and watch John B play another typically weird set, maybe I'll submit the "Electro & Bass" genre for you in the morning...

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