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  1. Artist: The Darryl James / David Anthony Project Feat. Fay Victor Track name: You Make Me happy Label: Freeze Records Cat number: MR-50036 Year: 1992 The A Capella has been used in High Contrast - Full Intention.
  2. Guitar riff loop used in: Drunken Masters & Fat Man D - Evil That Men Do [Dope Ammo]
  3. Adé's version sounds a lot like it in the intro! But I agree that the Bonny & Highlander tune sounds like a female voice. But it must also be completely accapella. No background sounds.
  4. Only option for sampling would be the reprise on the promo 12", but can't find that anywhere... I think it may well be from this: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Accapella-Treasures-Volume-Two/release/418470 Or any other accapella album... they have been used a lot in the past. Can't find this particular version...
  5. Artist: Masters At Work Present India Title: I Can't Get No Sleep Vocals used in: JB & Spice - No Sleep
  6. Are you sure? The Bonny & Highlander version doesn't sound like Nicki Richards...
  7. Artist: Talk Talk Title: Call In The Night Boy (Piano Mix) Album: Introducing... Talk Talk Sampled in: Marcus Intalex - Out Of Touch Vocal at 1:51 http://www.youtube.com/watch?t=110&v=mDUyuSNZV9s
  8. Artist: T La Rock Title: You Got The Time B-side to "Flow With The New Style" Sampled in DJ Rap & Aston - Vertigo (Tumbling Mix) Vocal: Our music gets you hyper than any type of weed Sample at 1:07 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do2_Hkpx678
  9. Changed titled to latoya... just listening to the Fresh Records Anthology...
  10. Artist: Flame Title: On The Strength (With Tony Terry) Sampled by: D'Cruze - Heaven & Dark (Subplates 3, SUBBASE037) Vocal: Sure as there's a heaven http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSdGHPFneIk
  11. Artist: The Incredible Bongo Band Title: Last Bongo In Belgium Album: Bongo Rock Sampled by: Ed Rush - The Dread [TOV001] Sampled: Slow beat loop in the intro
  12. First batch of recordings is done One In The Jungle - 19960920 - Ray Keith With MC Dett One In The Jungle - 19961108 - L Double With MC Navigator One In The Jungle - 19961225 - DJ SS & Mental Power With MC Warren G One In The Jungle - 19970207 - Ed Rush & Trace With MC Navigator One In The Jungle - 19970530 - Nicky Blackmarket With Stevie Hyper D One In The Jungle - 19970606 - Mampi Swift With MC Navigator One In The Jungle - 19970718 - DJ SS With MC Fearless One In The Jungle - 19970919 - DJ Krome With MC Moose https://www.mediafire.com/folder/83zaszbvja1f4/DnB_Radio_Shows
  13. Yes, It's Kirsty Willcocks (as KW), and you can buy it here: http://kwkw.bandcamp...ack/poltergeist (though it's a slightly different version)
  14. Hmm... I see a strange edit (obviously NOT by Fresh himself) on youtube as DJ Fresh - Exhale (Christmas Partybag Edit). And for some unknown reason, the original clip I linked to has gone and now also has this strange version (but at least the beat structure is the same). Anybody know if there is an official release out there?!?
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