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An England Story: the Culture of the MC in the UK 1983-2008






A1 YT England Story

A2 Suncycle Somebody

A3 Doctor (2) & DaVinche Gotta Man

B1 Ty & Roots Manuva So U Want Morre? (Refix)

B2 Papa Levi My God My King

B3 Tenor Fly Bump And Grind

C1 Skibadee Tika Toc

C2 Riko Ice Rink Vocal

C3 Jakes* & TC* Deep

D1 Jah Screechy Walk And Skank

D2 Top Cat Love Mi Ses



A1 Warrior Queen & Heatwave, The Things Change

A2 Glamma Kid Fashion Magazine

A3 General Levy Champagne Body

B1 London Posse Money Mad

B2 Navigator & Freestylers, The* Ruffneck

C1 Stush Dollar Sign

C2 Tubby T Ready She Ready

D1 Blak Twang Red Letters

D2 Estelle & Joni Rewind Uptown Top Rankin'

D3 Tippa Irie Complain Neighbour




CD version

sjrcd177 [cat number tbc]


Disc: 1

1. England Story - YT

2. Somebody - Suncycle

3. Gotta Man - Doctor & Davinchie

4. So U Want More - Ty & Roots Manuva

5. My God My King - Papa Levi

6. Bump And Grind - Tenor Fly

7. Tika Toc - Skibadee

8. Ice Rink Riddim - Riko

9. Deep - Jakes & TC

10. Walk And Skank - Jah Screechie

11. Love Mi Ses - Top Cat

Disc: 2

1. Tings Change - Warrior Queen & The Heatwave

2. Fashion Magazine - Glamma Kid

3. Champagne Body - General Levy

4. Money Mad - London Posse

5. Ruffneck - Navigator & Freestylers

6. Dollar Sign - Stush

7. Ready She Ready - Tubby T

8. Red Letters - Blak Twang

9. Uptown Top Rankin' - Est'elle & Joni Rewind

10. Complain Neighbour - Tippa Irie

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Haven't actually got it, but it's not all jungle - the only one that jumps out as definitely being so is the TC & Jakes thing. And maybe the Skibadee thing... will let you know when my copy gets here :)
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