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Shimon & Andy C - Quest


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I wasn't sure about this break being a break, but it does seem to be a loop used around in a few places. It's one I hear, then I forget, then I hear it around again and never make a note and so on.


Mampi Swift is one, uses it in both sides of this even


and this...



Any one got any clues on this? I'm guessing a sample cd myself...

even a clean loop of it would be cool if anyone's got it.

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Ornette. the break with the snare that sounds like an 8bit space invaders missile (also used by Decoder) is on Jungle Warfare 1, but I would say it predates that. and the break that Mampi used for twisted and also Sound on true playaz is on the 160DB Drum n Bass sample cd. can provide them both at some time when i next go to the studio.
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This loop is called 'Revamped' in Jungle Warfare 1.


Mampi Swift - Analogue


Venom - Mystery



Initial Research - Hunted


Freestylers - Rumours of War



Hyroglifics - Calling


Sonique - Sky


DJ Rap - Rumble (DJ Rap & Flapjack Remix)


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