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Ampige Connection - side B, track 3 [RBO002]


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This is a short rap track at the end of the Rahboy ep http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/rahboy_dubplate/rbo002/

I've painstakingly transcribed the lyrics which was not easy as the vocals are so low in the mix, anyone who wants to give a try i've upped the mp3 here:

Ampige Connection - side B, track 3 [RBO002].mp3



[Adrian H?]

From the train line area




From the train line area...


It's me, from the streets

I am hard, can't afford to get dark

Feelin' up the rap like this

Coz there's no time to dismiss

About what's said, on the end of the track

Coming at you raw, and not wack

Feelin up the rap, ain't for ego

It's time for us to tell you before we go

That we're the Ampige Connection

Rising out of rap like a elephant selection (ha ha ha!)

I come rude like bullet or Ruud Gullit

I got a fat tune, so I pull it (pull it)

Out of the DJ box

With a big fat spliff, while I'm getting (what?)

I rolled one up and gave it to you,

and said "hey, how you do..."

So Flash - it's with you

Now they're bit-ing me, bit-ing you (yeah!)

So say... all massive in the rave

Keep the beats?? so be complete


[Flash MC?]


I'm shocked (shockin') at what you been finding

Ding ding - I love to rock the bedsprings

Under the ??? in the summer (somethin')

Went to the party man it was pumpin'

You know the dancefloor? The beat was jungle -

it was jumpin' (jumpin') ???

Coz I'm the kid on the front page that keeps it real

??? coz they all know the deal

Keep those pills rude boy

Before I spill them on the floor spit all over them

Ain't no fucking way that the Connection tryin' to make them go....


Rahhhhhhhhhh boy!


Max to the facts my friend - i'm getting dark


The Ampige Connection


rah boy...


With the rude selection!



95... Jungle vibe!


We're keeping you roasting like a sunday potato,

we out see ya later!


Rah Boy 1995!

Flash MC - Adrian H

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