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Bug - Unlinked tracks


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One new feature which I really is that a track has it's own page so you can see all releases the track is featured on e.g.




However I'm coming across tracks in the database that are not linking. For example:




Same track but two different pages.


Any ideas why this is happening?


Also if we do find its a bug and it turns out duplicate tracks have to be deleted and releases relinked does this potentially impact people's collections if they've added the release ?


Furthermore on the page for each track, is it possible to somehow link remixes to the track's page. I'm not suggesting the remix should be listed on the page but perhaps a button you can press to show you other versions (remixes) of the track?

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Yeah, this is something that I knew would happen occasionally. It boils down to info being imported directly from third parties, in this case Juno and in the future it'll also happen with Discogs when I get that going. Part of the import script looks up the track artist and name and attempts to match it to existing tracks in the database. On the whole this works well but it would appear that sometimes it misses the match and a new track is created, which is what's happened here.


At the moment there's no easy way to fix this but I'm going to build in a way for mods/admin users to be able to merge tracks so that this can be sorted if a few slip through the net. I'll also review the import script to see why this might be happening as that track clearly should have been matched.


For now if you spot this happening please make a note of them and post them somewhere in the mods forum so that we can go through and merge tracks at a later date

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Oh yeah, collections won't be affected. The way the database is structured just means that a release is linked to various tracks. Changing the tracks in the release would have absolutely not effect on the release that is linked to the collection. Merging tracks together it more complex as there are many things (genres, ratings, digital collection items etc.) that will also need to be tied to the older track record but that can all be done easily enough with planning.


The remixes idea had crossed my mind before, as it goes. There should be an easy enough way of putting this info in place. I'll look into doing that.

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Woops noticed a bug with the remixes link


I've gone to UFO - Something Out There via the original



I've clicked on the remixes to be presented with the following page:



I then click through to any remix to view all releases with that remix but it takes me back to the original release instead e.g. click on Ray Keith's Samba Mix -



I note though the address bar shows it as the Ray Keith Samba mix despite it showing the information for the original

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Remix list was working but notice now when i click to go to remixes it instead just lists the original track instead of the remixes





Click on remixes and you will see what i mean


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