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Good sites for sourcing images for RDB


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Some of you may have seen that any registered user can now add images to artists, labels and releases.


Me and the mods are going through and adding them when we get a chance and we're slowly managing to increase the number of images on the site and getting lots of labels ticked off. There are several sites that are working as a good source for pics but there may be others that we can use so thought I'd start a thread.


Please be aware that images of artists may often not be copyright free so use caution when uploading. Label logos and release artwork are less restricted on this front, or at least don't present such a problem.


In terms of what we're after ideally we'd like larger images. The largest size that RDB allows is 700 x 700 pixels so as near to that as possible would be excellent.


A few from me to start






Both have good sized images, although the juno.co.uk ones are sometimes not the best quality. The download site offers better quality as they come from digital artwork. A good tip when looking at back catalogue stuff on the main site is to search the artist or label name in quotes e.g. "v recordings" and turn on the view out of stock items option.


To get the image URLs simply copy the link URL on the thumbnail image on the release page


Toolbox Records



Lots of images and at good quality. Again, open the image in a new window or simply copy the link URL on the thumbnail image.




Seems a no-brainer, really, but lots of artists and labels put good quality versions of their artwork and press shots on their fan pages.




The image are generally smaller but, like facebook, the profile pictures for artists and labels are often good logos or press shots


Anyone got any more?

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ps it goes without saying that we'd love your help with all of this and if anyone is having any issues uploading anything then let me know and I'll get any bugs sorted.


You may have seen the new user pages but everyone's contributions to the site are now recorded for prosperity on them





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