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United Dance - 13.10.1995

DJ Delight

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A11) Edit V - 2 1/2 Hours [unreleased]




A2) Jee-Beat Squad - Follow Me [Jee-Beat Base]

A4) Terrible Twins - Just Like That [stompin Choonz]

A5) GSI - Let's Rock ('95 Remix) [Hyper Active]




A4) Forbes & Cyclone - Faze 1 [screwdriver]




A2) Lockjaw - Not Tonight [Ruffneck]

A5) Ultimate S.T. - Momentum [Evolution Gold]

no A7

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A1) Wedlock - The Tower [Ruffneck]

A2) Evil Maniax - Psychopath [Rotterdam Records]

A3) DJ Alex - Say What [brrr]

A4) Matrix & Wargroover - Don't Come No Ruffa [Area 51 Recordings]

A5) DJ Isaac & DJ Pagan - Moral Hardcore Abuse [Dwarf]

A6) Matrix & Wargroover - Yeah [Area 51 Recordings]

A7) Ferocious - Check Me Sucker [Dwarf]

A8) Matrix & Wargroover - Energy [Area 51 Recordings]

A9) ?

A10) Mr Oz & Larry Lush - Northern Lights [Lush]

A10) The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry [Pengo]

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