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United Dance - 'The New Frontier' - 18.4.1997

DJ Delight

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On 10/28/2015 at 6:52 PM, DJ Delight said:

Billy Bunter


A1) D-Zyne & Fury - Hyperhydrosis [Xy2]


A3) DJ Fury - De Sensitize [stompin Choonz]

A4) Bang The Future - Body Slam (Back to the Future Remix) [GBT Another Level]

A5) GBT Inc. - Better Day (Exclusive Bang The Future Dub Mix) [Alpha Projects - ALPHALP2]

A6) Miss Nic & DJ Swoon - Voices [GBT]

A7) Bang The Future - Elek Tek (Hardcore Explosion Mix) Unreleased

A8) Tripswitch - Tictac [GBT]

A9) Code 28 - Feel My Desire (Cocooma Remix) [united Ravers]



Ramos & Supreme


B1) ?

B2) Helix & DJ Fury - Y Not [stompin Choonz]

B3) Helix - Helixia [stompin Choonz]

B4) DJ Fury - De-Sensitize [stompin Choonz]

B5) Helix - U R Everything [stompin Choonz]

B6) Supreme & UFO - Rave Station [Man From Uncle]

B7) Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Harmonize (Billy Bunter GBT Remix) [Hectic Rewinds]

B8) Citadel Of Kaos - Aux.5 [Xy2]

B9) Trance Masters - Acid Sunshine [GBT]

Ramos & Supreme

B1) Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Gel On... Boops! [Supreme Music]

No idea what that track title is supposed to mean, but that's what it is! 😆

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