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Stamina is played on sets from the end of September so it wasn't too early for Randall to play it on 08.10.1994



What I mean is, it's a little early for someone to be rolling out in the mix, rather than setting it up for the 'rewind'... which you might have expected at that early point... on the other hand we know Randall liked to mix, which you probably would too if if you were as good at it as he were


I have some further evidence however - as going by my images for the original Lazerdrome post it looks like I definitely didn't go on the 22nd, because I still have the half price ticket for it!





Thanks for uploading this - sounds like a wicked set from the tracklisting you posted on the Lazerdrome guestbook ...


And as you say, it probably isn't NYE 1994 either. As mentioned, I think I did actually own this tape at one point, and I didn't remember being there hearing that set... However someone I knew did remember being there, and it was inbetween a couple of the weeks that I DID go... It sounds like the end of the night at Lazer - what with Fish grabbing the mic right at the end... http://www.backtotheoldskool.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif Maybe the 22nd October?

Sept/Oct 1994 flyer



(nb. the other bit of it in the image is what was attached to my birthday invites, which came around the following year)




I'm thinking this was 7th May 1994. I'm 95% certain I was there for this set, the tunes are soooo familiar...



I think I can remember a bit more about this 7th May night... either Cool Hand Flex didn't turn up, or - he ended up doing the opening set, because I seem to remember about Gemini being still on at gone half one in the morning and being surprised about it - because the MC said so; which would've been the first time I heard him as I only knew his name previously from the "never try the hippodrome" track


I wouldn't actually hear Cool Hand Flex play until the 23rd July, when he played "Mercy Mercy" for us the first time, from top, which the MC told us it was his own tune. Then after carrying on with his set, which confused me a bit ha ha. Eventually he dropped as his last tune "Must Feel" to us for the first time, which the MC again told us it was his own tune


Checking also, I wouldn't have been there for the 30th April as I was at Orange that weekend





we don't know what DJ changes happened when some of them weren't able to play. There's a review of the 08/10/94 night which says Ray Keith was in Italy and replaced by Probe and I think Peshay had stopped playing out due to illness by October 1994 and so another DJ would have replaced him on 15/10/94.



Yes, you're right about DJ changes, I remember Grooverider turned up out of the blue in his 'outfit' to play the final set on 24th Dec, and what a set it was too, it was the first time I'd heard a bunch of tunes, tunes such as -


Saint Angel

Sing Time

Angels Fell

Yes Yes [mix 2]

Lighter [mix 2]


and possibly "Give It To 'Em" (Plasmic Life) too... I had that record already but wasn't til sometime later I was going through it and was like, hold on a minute! And then rewinding "Lighter" at the very end of the night as the last tune, but then coming back with "Yes Yes" first to mix back out of it... omg. The lights were definitely very much all on at that point



As for the Dr S Gachet set, I couldn't say for sure if I was there for it or not but what I can say is, that would have been the point at which Lazerdrome was absolutely packed, like just rammed. That Curve 1 tune, man I used to be well into that one! Pretty unusual for its time though, I think Nut-E-1 and Probe used to go for it also. Grooverider used to like the other side of it if I remember

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Just had a look, it doesn't look like I ever had a Probe set but there was a Nut E 1 set... which looks like JJ has already linked.


Ones I have:

Swift / Ray Keith (nye 1992)



Turns out this is actually Mampi Swift, and not Swift of Swift & Zinc after all


I mentioned about it on Goldie's 'Terminator' post on fb, and he claimed attribution for it. Also I note is mentioned in the july 2016 issue (#89) of Guestlist

https://guestlist.ne...ion-the-cracker [full]

"There was a place called Lazerdrome, and it was one of the sickest raves at the time. I use to go down every week and knew a lot of the people there. I also has my big break through Kool FM which was a pirate station back in the day. I got my first gig in Lazerdrome on New Years Eve in 1992 - my first ever rave that I DJ'ed at 10 to 11."

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