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Tonic - "...fuck wit ya mind..." [August 1996]


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There's a few of these unreleased Cybernet & Genetix type tracks that Tonic was playing on his shows on Kool FM in 1996 that never seem to have come out...


Here's one, and I'm sure I made a .RM clip of it back in the old days of the internet back in the hopes of getting an id


Obviously in the hard step / tech step vein, with Remadee on the mic stating "and this one's by the DJ Tonic himself" ...right after is played Renegade, which was later released on S.O.U.R. that year


As heard on their 24/08/1996 show.



tonic - ''fuck wit ya mind''.mp3


I may try and put up the others I have too


NB. Unfortunately embedded player is no longer working, as Flash has been discontinued as of December 31, 2020.

Hopefully someone can update the module to a HTML5 player?

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Nice track, havent heard before. Looked through my Kool folder, have something from the same month. some IDs still to go, some have the Sour sound to them.






DJ Kane & Skibbadee


01 DJ Die – Something Special – V Recordings

02 Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost – FFRR


Tonic & Remadee


03 45 Roller – Killa Bee (T-Power Remix) – Ebony

04 DJ Krust – Jazz Note II – V Recordings

05 Dynamic Duo – The Click – Joker

06 Future Forces Inc – Who’s Da Man – Renegade Hardware

07 Roni Size – Silent Partner – V Recordings

08 Elementz of Noise – Chillin’ On The Funk – Sour

09 ??? 27.29

10 Tonic – Delta – Sour

11 Ed Rush – Density – Metalheads

12 ??? 38.54

13 Ed Rush & Nico – Crystal – Nu Black

14 DJ Trace – The Mutant Revisited – Emotif

15 ??? 53.21

16 Ed Rush – The Raven – Metalheads

17 Tonic – Renegade – Sour

18 Cybernet – Cyborg One – Emotif

19 The Mack – Do or Die – Sour

20 1.14.48

21 Decoder – Circuit Breaker – Tech Itch

22 DJ Krust – The Hustler – Chronic

23 DJ Krust – B-Boy Culture – V Recordings

24 Intensity – Generations – Basement

25 1.32.40

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