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TLC - Creep (Untouchables Instrumental)


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Break name:


Artist: TLC

Track name: Creep (Untouchables Instrumental)

Original release: Maxi-Single, Creep

Label: LaFace Records

Cat number: 73008-24088-2

Year: 1994

Drummer: ??? (remixed by The Untouchables)



Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction

Model 500 - The Flow (Alex Reece Remix)



Isolated break at 4:13:


A second gen variant of it can be found here: Model 500 - The Flow (Alex Reece Remix)

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Some story on how I've found this...

I've once did a hard job on isolating the break from Pulp Fiction by phase-cancelling the drums+bass part with the isolated bass part (precisely aligning each bass note with sample-to-sample precision). This part wasn't necessary for recognizing the original source though. When extracting the break, I've noticed that Alex Reece uses this beat as a single sample of 1-bar loop, rather than a sequence of one-shots, because it misses the grid of the track and has a slower tempo than the whole track. But I thought he just had resampled his self-made beat and then used it as a drumloop in different tracks.

Few months later I've noticed that the break from Reece's Basic Principles is used in other jungle tracks, which got me thinking that he tend to use some obscure hip hop / r'n'b sources for his beats. I've listened to the Pulp Fiction break again and noticed that it is too high pitched for a self made break, and on 100 bpm speed it sounds very r'n'b-ish. I shazammed the Pulp Fiction break on 100 bpm speed, and on the second try it gave me a random remix of Creep!


PS I've made many discoveries of second-gen breaks recently, I think I'll share more of them here (I contribute all of them on WhoSampled, but they take about half a year to be approved).

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I found another usage (not from The Flow), but I'm sure it was sampled from an unknown mix of Pulp Fiction.


The Joker - Tonic's Jazz Lick (SUBBASE 64, 1995)


They even left one bar with clear break at 1:29!

It has the clap from Pulp Fiction on the second snare, and the quiet reverb tail on the background sounds exactly like the echo from Pulp Fiction keyboard melody.


I think Hydro - The Zone sampled the same unknown mix of Pulp Fiction, it has the same details.


What is more weird is that the previous release of Suburban Base, SUBBASE 63, has Marvellous Cain - Creep with vocals from the acapella mix of Creep.

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I found another usage (not from The Flow), but I'm sure it was sampled from an unknown mix of Pulp Fiction.


Are you saying this was from a loop passed around by Alex Reece himself?


It stands to reason that this happened, there was a lot of hob nobbing of heads involved in the scene at that time. I personally didn't know about "The Flow" until many years later

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Digging deeper, are we sure it not comes from this earlier track, this remix of "They Want EFX" from 1992




I was thinking I knew that loop and suddenly remembered the Das EFX tune, a lot of rnb tunes around that time recycled riffs that were big in hip hop but overlaying with synth washes and various other accoutrements, you might be able to tell I was quite scornful of rnb around that time :lol:


'Hip hop soul', they were calling it for a short while

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