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Hive - Questional Directions / DJ SS - Anything Possible / etc


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Unknown acoustic break, used in:


Unit 1 - Untitled [Creative Wax] https://youtu.be/lBJd0JobHf4

MA1 - Ruffige (Remix) [Formation]

DJ SS - Anything Possible [Formation]

DJ Hype - The Chopper (Johnny Jungle Remix) [suburban Base]

Hive - Questional Directions [FFRR]


But the most clean and long version can be found here:

Urban Tribe - Eastward (Forme Remix)



Another fill from the break can be heard in MA1 - Ruffige (Remix):

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Hmmm I remember this break used to be downloadable from the True Playaz website many, many many moons ago. I'm talking like 1996.


I didn't recognise it then and to be honest I didn't even think it had been used in any tunes, but going by your comments I'm thinking this must also be the same one used in Johnny Jungle "Flammable"

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I can’t hear anything besides Amen and Johnny Pate’s You’re Starting Too Fast in Flammable, maybe you’re talking about different mix or track?


Yes, oop you're right, got confused with reading "The Chopper" remix above ha ha


Just had a check back and yes, it was the one they had on True Playaz all that time back - it's titled "Bully", or "bull.wav" there if that's any help -

true-playaz.co.uk [July 1998] > Green Room > Beats & Pieces


or, the direct link out of the frameset



Funny it's taken me all this time to make the connection, I had never figured it was a break that had ever been used. Maybe because all the reverb they had put on it?


Now to figure the source.... http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/eusa_think.gif

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