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Ed Rush, Trace, Fierce, Nico, Optical - Edtrafienical


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Guest elhornet
there was also a pre version of this called 'edtrafenic' which I've heard, word is optical wasnt there til later and did some work on it hence the name
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As we all know, this one did now finally get released however its worth clearing up about the other versions that never came out.


Listed on the old Place To Be site there were a couple of versions and as legend tells us, wasn't originally released due to disagreements on the final mix. However in a comment made by Nico himself on Youtube here (as hamstermanvideo) he suggests there are actually multiple versions of this... would be interesting to know what he has.


I've got two clips of alternate versions here, the first is from a Fierce & Nico set played in New Zealand [link]. This appears to be quite an early mix, somewhat different to the released version

edtrafienical NZ '97.mp3


The second is from a Ed Rush set played on the Metalheads tour in the US [link]. This isn't as obviously different to the released mix, but as Proto J explains:

"the third, and likely final version (probably optical's mixdown and final version)... has the signature optical sounding filters on the stabs and on the droning sound throughout the tune, + it is shorter in length from the time the bass first drops to the breakdown, i've timed it, plus the breakdown is much shorter, and there's a few other lil' things different about it"

edtrafienical SF July '97.mp3



Thanks to Proto J for the info [updated] on the above clips

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wow... talk about being late... LOL!


unfortunately the audio for the version i prefer is no longer online. i do got it somewhere on cd or tape tho. but it had a much longer, darker breakdown, and was just longer in general.


you can tell the version released (and is also the same version on that ed rush mix from '97), is the final one where optical really shined it up with his filters and stuff, cuz the other version i'm talking about doesn't have all those filters throughout the tune...


eventually i'll find my audio of it and put it online.

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As per Arnes comment Edtrafienic and Edtrafienical are 2 different tunes. Got audio of my Edtrafienic plate here and on the sleeve its got Dec 96 written.



Theres definitely alternative mixdowns of Edtrafienical too. If you listen to the one Bailey always plays its more polished and got extra noises than the one released on vinyl

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