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Ibiza - Jungle Classic EPs updates


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This one is kinda confusing seeing as I don't fully know the facts behind all these releases anyway, but...




Potential Bad Boy - Let's Go = Potential Bad Boy - Work The Box




Bring Fourth The Noise = Bring Forward the Noise

Potential Bad Boy - Sister Sue = RAW - Roughneck Sister Sue (I think - anyone got this 12" to compare to the awesome one?)




Potential Bad Boy - Set Me Free = Noise Factory - Set Me Free (?)




One Wheel Bass = Wheel The Bass




Noise Factory - The Fire = Noise Factory - The Fire (Remix)


There seem to be plenty of tracks on there that are credited to PBB but are actually by Noise Factory...very confusing


Does anyone have all these? It would be very interesting to hear some of the PBB tracks on there as they may well give us some track names for Limited E releases

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Wicked...cheers for the link, very helpful!


Some more info then...


The tune on Limited E that samples Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight is called "Urban Jungle" by PBB. Don't think I have that 12", anyone know the cat no?




Potential Bad Boy - Warning


Noise Factory - Warning (Potential Bad Boy Remix). This is a mix I haven't heard before, very similar to the one on IR012, but I'm pretty sure it's slightly different...might have to check


The Sister Sue track does sound like the one on Awesome to me, will have to check my copy at home though




Brain Killers Screwface


THis is actually one of the remixes on 3RD10 - think it's the Lewi Hardcore mix


Limited E also needs to be linked to Ibiza etc.

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Ah no...it's not on Ibiza...it's definitely a Limited E release. This one, in fact




A-side = Potential Bad Boy - Urban Jungle


ah no . . .it's also def on that ibiza release! I think it's currently doiwn as 'Music With beat' . . .


it is 100% on my copy of Ibiza 13 mate


so I presume it's on both . .maybe different mixes?

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Weird...not on my Ibiza copy of IR013 but it is on my copy of IR013 on Limited E.


Does the other side of your Ibiza copy have a tune with a "one more time" sample in it?


hmm . . have to check wen I'm home . ..


R U saying the limited E one is cat no IR013 as well? cos mines a white label cat. no. IR013 so I jst assumed it was an Ibiza release

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