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Black Cat


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listen to black cat 01 (unknown 4 tracker)... it's credited to congo natty, but it sounds exactly like a PJ/smiley-bass master warriors tune... exactly. especially the 4th tune, the tearout one. then listen to "livin in the hood". where did the congo natty info come from? are you sure? haha, don't mean to test influence!
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one last clarification, i promise!


bass master warriors (big G records) = Red Light/SUAD/PJ&smiley


so that's how i concluded that black cat is a red light (or BMW) side project


plus, it doesn't sound like any CN i've heard

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Blast from the past. So is this the only thread that confirmed BC01's existence, is that true Logic? Do you have this release in hand?


BTW, my copy of BC02 has all the contact info for Neil Redskin written on the label. :P I don't know where the Congo Natty connection came from!

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No, unfortunately I don't have either of these tunes


I can't remember exactly but I'm fairly sure I posted this up after seeing both tunes for sale somewhere (eBay, I believe). But as I have never seen BC01 in person I can't vouch for its existence

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