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3 Fabio approved tunes


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OMG "Unknown Fabio" is one of my MOST WANTED ID's!!!


Hmmm.... That's odd. You seem to have a somewhat "remix" version... It's very similar though... sounds like it has just been re-sequenced or something.... The original version I first heard around May 1997. At first I ignored it cause the opening chord sounded very much like this other tune he was playing at the time - Art Of Noise's "Ode To Don Jose (Dom & Roland Remix)"

However later that year (September) I got a chance to tape off his show but, alas, no information on the track was offered whatsoever.


Trust me - I have scoured many records in vain in an attempt to discover what this is. I mean, I couldn't even guess who it MIGHT have been by.


HOWEVER I have had SOME breakthrough with it. I have a SUSPICION that it could well be Big Bud. I couldn't pin point it for years, but after having quite recently listened to the

Various Artists - Intense present Logical Progression - Level 3

I couldn't help but notice a certain similarity in structure & form to one of the tracks (Big Bud's "Mystique")


Unfortunately I haven't checked out THAT many Big Bud releases since my BREAKTHROUGH but the quest continues. What do you reckon?


Check it out

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