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Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance [CLIP]


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Artist: digital underground

Track name: the humpty dance

Original release: 12"

Label: tommy boy

Cat number:(pending..)

Year: 1989

Drummer: unknown


there is a break thats in this that pj and smiley of shut up and dance liked to use a lot , mainly in juggling by them and ragga twins and derek went mad (remix) by them as well.

I think the last mentioned track is called derek went mad because I swear the other break thats in it is from a derek b track but cannot remember as I don't have anything by him anymore (thankfully) as he was a crap british hip hop artist.


Clip: http://www.rolldabeats.com/audio/breaks/di...umpty_dance.mp3

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Yes, second generation break indeed, built around the


Sly & The Family Stone - Sing A Simple Song


break. Did you know that "Sing A Simple Song", when split into its constituant Right & Left channels, one side has the horns & the drums, and the other channel has the drums clean??? Worth noting if you ever wanna play around with this break.


I never heard this "Humpty" break in D&B before, although I know that it is a commonly used breakbeat otherwise. Digital Underground rules, yo. As it happens, on their 3rd album "The Body Hat Syndrome" there is actually a special 'skit' song on it that presents 'awards' to all those who have ripped off "The Humpty Dance" beat!!! LOL!


The 12" was re-released by Tommy Boy (along with a number of other classic Tommy Boy 12"s) sometime last year, in an almost IDENTICAL form to the original release!!! Along with "Doowhatchalike"!!! You know I got my copies of that! Big up HMV, doing a '3 for £10' offer on them!


P.S. The Oxford St. branch (NOT the Bond St. branch) of HMV has an excellent 12" section with TONS of old skool hardcore/d'n'b re-releases. Check it out

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cheers for doing the edit.


It was a godsend for sampling that early productions from the 60's to the 80's used to show off stereo by using split sides for instruments and if vocals are in a certain stereo effect (think it's out of phase) you can nick some of em almost like an acapella but it tends to be backing vocals.

did that recently with midnight by uncut.


I agree that oxford circus hmv is better than the other one but they moved everything round now and even though it has listening posts it doesn't seem as good as it was before as it used to have shitloads then.

went up there & soho over the weekend and reckless took a ton off me for the stupidly cheep tunes they had there, and I got jungle renegades 2 on cd finally!!.


also on on a different note if anyone wants the fever album by kool fm on cd a place called cd city in soho (I think) had loads of them going for 3 quid!! ,somewhere I think in the basement on one of the top shelves by the steps - SO GO AND GET ONE- even if only to flog on ebay as there probably worth shitloads

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A few more that use this:


Voyager - Knowledge



Elementz Of Noize - Don't Be Afraid


(only figured this from hearing the Voyager track)


I think one of the ones from FDSQUAD007 also, possibly A1 or B2, but not sure which


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