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Each cutting house should be listed in a separate thread with as much contact info as possible in the first post. Can mods try and edit first posts to include extra info as it is posted in the threads?


In each thread list all releases (post cat no and label name) that were mastered there. If a label uses the same cutting house for all their releaes then just post the label name and a not to say this.


List the names of the engineers who work on the tracks if you know them and also add any common etchings that cutting engineers use e.g. "A porky prime cut" for Porky's and "Fresh" for JTS


any more questions then post below...I think it should be fairly self explanatory

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Are we going to record mastering details on all tunes?

I'm just doing my 'etchings' and I have so far ignored all 'mastering' information as per the forum rules, but starting to think this is a bit silly considering I'm looking on there already...

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Well, that's the idea but it's a huge task. Feel free to list any mastering info that you can get while doing the etchings in this forum. Many lables used the same cutting hous for all their releases so it could be easier to record some labels that way.


Once we have a fair amount of info up here we'll think about adding this in to the pages

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