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Artist : ???

Title : ???

Year : ????

Cat# : DCC01

Label : Whitelabel


A - ??? "Y'all ready to get funky, funky"

B - ??? "Darkness", "Help Me" & lots of stars wars samples



^^^ Well, that's as good as I can do. I'm pretty sure I picked this up sometime during 1994. Track A is a stinker and best avoided. However track B is an absolute classic.


Have a listen here (right click and save target as) and see if you recognise it. 9Mb mp3 download .. so be patient :biggrin:

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I just got a result on that today:




Check out what it says:

DCC01 - Curious George - Untitled - Promo White - 1993


Man I would love this record but I am not shelling out for 60 odd tunes???!!!

Anyone wanna go halves/three's on this?

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Ok I actually managed to get my grubby mitts on this one! :biggrin: (thanks Iamdek)


My copy's got some info on it - its written:

Curious George

0836 696 695

It seems like I got Easy D's old copy too, lol. I dunno if it is the same copy that turned up in that bulk eBay lot before, but it defintely confirms that "Curious George" title


Its pretty fast for its time, and its definitely a 1993 tune, as I had on tape from August 1993 ( I think Iamdek got his new in 1995, unbelievably??!) Still convinced this is an early Dillinja release, only one thing, this has clean amens in it, when all his other stuff from that period had 2nd gen, Mantronix "King Of The Beats" amens in it... and its much better engineered than his early Cybotron stuff too.


Maybe he went to a proper studio to do this one.... Its gotta be *someone*. Does anyone recognise that mobile number at all?

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