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DJ Rap - 23.03.1994



Asend & Ultravibe - The Promise [back 2 Basics]

Foul Play - Being With You [Moving Shadow]

Asend & Ultravibe - What Kind Of World [back 2 Basics]

Sacred - Kall Da Kops remix (Side AA1) [Pursuit]

Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Session One (Riots In Rayleigh) [suburban Base]

DJ Rap - Digable Bass [Proper Talent]

DJ Taktix - The Way (VIP Mix) [back 2 Basics]

Q Project - Champion Sound (Alliance remix) [Legend]

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]

DJ Mayhem - Inesse (Ray Keith remix) [Face]

Wots My Code - Dubplate (The Terrorist Mixes Part 2) [Not On Label - RK 01]

Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura [Dee Jay]

Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]


Engineers Without Fears - Rhythm [Dee Jay]

Roni Size & DJ Die - The Calling [V]

Renegade - Terrorist [Moving Shadow]

DJ Hype - Dreams [suburban Base]

Omni Trio - Living For The Future [Moving Shadow]

2 Bad Mice - Unknown Title "The Lost Track" [unreleased]

DJ Rap - Get Under [Proper Talent]

Andy C - Cool Down [Ram]

DJ Rap & Aston - Get Rushed [suburban Base]

Jo - R Type [Awesome]

Rufige Kru - Fury [Moving Shadow]

After Dark - Reincarnation [Moving Shadow]

Mad Dog - My God [underdog]

Potential Bad Boy - Work The Box (Remix 2) [Limited E Edition]

DJ Hype - Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix) [suburban Base]

??? Lennie De Ice - ???

Omni Trio - Nu Grooves '94 [Moving Shadow]

Phantasy & Smooth - Dream On [sound Entity]


Jack 'N' Phil - Don't Beg 4 Love (Drum & Bass Workout) [basement]

Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk (Hyper Spaced Mix) [strictly Underground]

Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings Of Life [Transmat]

Richie Rich - Salsa House (Original Mix) [FFRR]

Fingers Inc Featuring Chuck Roberts - Can You Feel It [Desire]

Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Dub Version by Cutmaster-G) [DFC]

808 State - Pacific State [ZTT]

Bang The Party - Bang Bang You're Mine [Warriors Dance]

Rhythim Is Rhythim - It Is What It Is (Majestic Mix) [Transmat]

The Night Writers - Let The Music (Use You) (Club Mix) [Jack Trax]

Backroom Productions - The Definition Of A Track (The Backroom) [New York Underground - Back To Basics LP]

A Guy Called Gerald - Emotion Electric [strange Fruit]

The Beloved - The Sun Rising (Deeply Satisfying) [WEA]

Voodoo Doll - Women Beat Their Men [Champion]

Quartz - Meltdown [iTM]

Frankie Knuckles - Your Love [Trax]

Underkut - Both Ends [Mendoza]

Renegade Soundwave - Ozone Breakdown [Mute]

Dave Angel - Mesmerize [R & S]

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Fabio - 01.03.1995



Source Direct - Stars [Odysee]

Intense - Prophecy [Rugged Vinyl]

Mystic Moods - Shakout (95 Concept) [Mystic Moods]

Studio Pressure - Fusion [Photek]

DJ SS - White (A) [Formation Colour Series]

Essence Of Aura - So This Is Love [Moving Shadow]

Chimeira - I've Got What You Need [back 2 Basics]

Nookie - Only You (remix) [Reinforced]

Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction [Metalheadz]

Spinback & Q Project - Rikers Island (On The Run Mix) [Legend]

4 Hero - Garden Of My Mind [Epic - Cutting Edge LP]

DJ Pulse - Voyager [Moving Shadow]

Foul Play - Chrysalis [10 Inch Press]

Natural Mystic - Got To Have Ya [Moving Shadow - The Revolutionary Generation LP]

Sounds Of Life - A Spice Of Jazz [Certificate 18]

Dr S Gachet & Audio Maze - The Dreamer (Nookie remix) [urban Gorilla]

Alex Reece - I Want You [Metalheadz]

Wax Doctor - The Spectrum [Metalheadz]

Hidden Agenda - The Flute Tune [Metalheadz]

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Fabio - 24.05.1995


Available to download from mikus's blog http://mikusmusik.bl...tape-cache.html


Big Bud - Baby [unreleased]

S.O.S. - Space Funk [Timeless]

The Original Playboy - Playboys [R & S]

FBD Project - She's So Remix [bang In Tunes]

DJ Krust - Mind Games [unreleased]

Wax Doctor - Never As Good [Talkin' Loud]

Foul Play - Artificial Intelligence [Moving Shadow - Suspected LP]

Mouly & Lucida - Spirits [Timeless]

Carlito - Heaven [Creative Source]

Oblivion - Lush [streetbeats]

Rob D - Clubbed To Death (Wax Doctor Totally Waxed Remix) [Mo Wax]

Alex Reece - Feel The Sunshine (Original mix) [4th & Broadway]

Jacob's Optical Stairway - Jacob's Optical Illusion [R & S]

Icons - Future Aspects [Modern Urban Jazz - Emotions With Intellect LP]

LTJ Bukem - Music (Happy Raw) [Good Looking]

Inner Visions - Southern Comfort [basement]

Scarface - I Seen A Man Die (4 Hero NW2 Gangsta Move Instrumental Mix) [Virgin]

Aquasky - Kauna [Moving Shadow]

Funky Technicians - Fever [Timeless]

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Grooverider - 29.09.1995


download available from here http://deepinsidethe...-september.html



J Majik - The Spell (Unreleased Mix) [unreleased]

Scorpio - The Greys [Deep Red]

LTJ Bukem - Rainfall [Looking Good]

Shogun - Sunburst [Renegade]

Dillinja - By All Means Necessary Mix 1 [unreleased]

Head Hunter - Escape [Precious Materials]

FBD Project - Gesture Without Motion [Reinforced]

Phyzix - The Glide [subject 13]

Fokus - On Line (Original Mix) [Dee Jay]

The Rising Sons - Body & Soul [Creative Wax]

Dillinja – Promise [Metalheadz - Platinum Breakz Volume 2 LP]

Ed Rush - What's Up [No U-Turn]

Studio Pressure - The Water Margin [Photek]

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Kemistry, Peshay, J Majik, Goldie (Metalheadz Session) - 27th November 1996 (wednesday night 'Givin' It Up' show)



01. Goldie - Still Life (Photek Remix) (Razors Edge RAZORS001)

02. Goldie - Jah (Peshay Vip Rollers Mix) (Razors Edge RAZORS002)

03. Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) (Razors Edge RAZORS002)

04. Dillinja - Vicious (Test TEST001)

05. Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost (Ffrr 828 783-1)

06. Peshay - On The Nile (Metalheadz METH026)

07. Source Direct - Web Of Sin (Metalheadz METH022)

08. Lemon D - In My Life (Ffrr 828 783-1)

09. Hidden Agenda - Dispatch #1 (Metalheadz METH025)

10. Rufige Kru - T3 (Metalheadz METH019)

11. Digital - Down Under (Metalheadz METH021)

12. Ed Rush - Skylab (Metalheadz METH024)



13. Adam F - Metropolis (Metalheadz METH023)

14. Decoder - UXB (Tech Itch TI014)

15. Decoder - Tension (Elementz ELEM001)

16. Decoder - Fuse (Elementz ELEM001)

17. DJ Krust - Blaze Dis One (V Recordings V023PROM)

18. Lemon D - Going Gets Tough (Prototype PRO007)

19. Photek - Mingus [unreleased]

20. Source Direct - Snake Style (Remix) (Unreleased)

21. Danny Breaks - Conscience (Droppin' Science DS13)

22. Dom & Roland - Analysis (Moving Shadow - Blueprint LP - 828 952-1)

23. E-Z Rollers - Synesthesia (Moving Shadow - SHADOW 110)

24. Hokusai - Sculptures Hide (Source Direct - SDR 008)

25. ??

26. Decoder & Technical Itch - Dropzone (Hardleaders - Dissection LP - HLLP06)


(end of Peshay set


?? J Majik track (brief interview with J Majik while the track plays)




01. Roni Size & DJ Die - The Calling (V - V 005)

02. Unknown Artist - Bang The Noise EP (A2) (Not On Label - JMC)

03. S.O.S. - Spacefunk (Timeless DJ011)

04. LTJ Bukem - Music (Peshay Re-Work) (Nexus NEXUS002)

05. Adam F - Metropolis (Metalheadz METH023)

06. Rob & Goldie - The Shadow (Dubplate Mix)

07. Capone - Voices (Hardleaders HL14)

08. Hidden Agenda - Dispatch #3 (No Guard) (Metalheadz METBOX001)

09. Digital - Metro (Ffrr 828 986-1)

10. Goldie - Kemistry (Grooverider Vip Mix) (Razors Edge RAZORS004)

11. Source Direct - Stonekiller (Remix) (Razors Edge RAZORS005)


EDIT: more details on the missing part of the show here and here

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Grooverider - 1995 (exact date unknown)


First 35 minutes of one of the Friday Night/Saturday morning shows


J Majik - The Spell [Metalheadz]

The Scorpio - Machines [Deep Red]

LTJ Bukem - Rainfall [Looking Good]

Shogun - Sunburst [Renegade]

??? Dillinja - "By All Means Necessary"

Headhunter - Escape [Precious Materials]



Yeah thats Dillinja - All Means Necessary (unreleased)


Was supposed to be released on Prototype. There was two mixes of this tune, wicked tunes as it happens.


Likely that makes it a late 1995 show possibly even a 1996 show

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Yeah thats Dillinja - All Means Necessary (unreleased)


Was supposed to be released on Prototype. There was two mixes of this tune, wicked tunes as it happens.


Likely that makes it a late 1995 show possibly even a 1996 show


Thanks for the info.


The date of the show is from 29th September 1995. The person that ripped this had 45 minutes of Fabio's show from 22/9/95 on one side of the tape and this Grooverider show on the other.

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Fabio - 17.05.1995




Magnetics - Breakthrough [Code-001]

Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction [Metalheadz]

Essence Of Aura - So This Is Love [Moving Shadow]


P-Funk - P-Funk Era (dis1iz4yasoul) [Frontline]

Wax Doctor - Atmospheric Funk [Talkin' Loud]


Code Of Practice - Can We Change The Future [Certificate 18]

The Architex - Blueprint (Alex Reece remix) [basement]

Mouly & Lucida - Chilled [Timeless]


Icons - Salsa Flavour [Modern Urban Jazz - Emotions With Intellect LP]

Goldie - A Sense Of Rage (Sensual V.I.P Mix) [FFRR - Timeless LP]


Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bass Bin (Original Version) (played at 45rpm) [Planet E]

Jodeci - Feenin (LTJ Bukem Remix) [Not On Label - 1000]

Alex Reece - Feel The Sunshine (Original mix) [blunted Vinyl]

Carlito - Heaven [Creative Source]


J Majik - Melancholy [infrared]

Scarface - I Seen A Man Die (4 Hero NW2 Gangsta Move) [Virgin]

Koda - Spacetek [Dee Jay]


X-Files - Intensity [basement]





On Breakthrough - "got lots of new stuff coming up, innovators such as Photek, Wax Doctor, Alex Reece, a couple of tracks from the new album from Goldie"

On Chilled - "it's 10 to 10"

On Blueprint (Alex Reece remix) - "more from Alex coming up later, also a LTJ Bukem remix of Jodeci ... also a couple of tracks from Goldie's new LP that's a first ever airing"

On Feenin (LTJ Bukem remix) - "it's 20 past 10"

On Scarface - I Seen A Man Die (4 Hero NW2 Gangsta Move) - "another 15 minutes left"

On Intensity - "something from Foul Play exclusive next week, also more from the Goldie album, more Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, some new Dillinja stuff"

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Fabio & Grooverider - 05.01.1996



Best of 95 show with Goldie, Photek & Lemon D in the studio


Mirage - Just For You [Odysee]

Big Bud - Millenium [Creative Source]

JMJ & Richie - Universal Horn [Moving Shadow]

Photek - The Rain [Metalheadz]

J Majik - Your Sound [Metalheadz]

PFM - Dreams [Looking Good]

Source Direct - Snake Style [source Direct]

Studio Pressure - Fusion [Photek]

Wax Doctor - Kid Caprice [Metalheadz]

Goldie - Sensual [FFRR]

T Power - The Mutant remix - Rollers Instinct (DJ Trace remix) [sOUR]

Skanna - Find Me [skanna]

Dillinja - Promise [FFRR - Platinum Breakz II LP]

Alex Reece - Out Of Time [4th & Broadway]

Ed Rush - Killamanjaro [Prototype]

Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin (Original Version) (played at 45rpm) [Planet E]

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Grooverider - 08.09.1995



(Incomplete - around an hour missing from the beginning and the end of the show)



Eskobar - Jazz & All Dat [R.O.A.R.]

Bounty Killaz - Do It Again! [Creative Wax]


Tribe Zero 2 - Death By Sax [bang-In Tunes]

Wagon Christ - Pull My Strings (Oven Baked Mix) [Rising High]

Earl Grey - The Lick [Rugged Vinyl]


Wax Doctor - Never As Good [Talkin' Loud]

Roger Johnson - Walk Of Life [basement]

Adam F - Circles [section 5]

Cybotron featuring Dillinja - Got To [Prototype]

Blame - Groove Research [Moving Shadow]

Natural Mystic - Illusions [Timeless]

Firefox & 4 Tree - Warning (London Sumting mix) [Philly Blunt]





On Never As Good - "right, we're going to roll out this mix till the closing hours"

On Groove Research - "fast approaching the hour of 2"

On Groove Research - "I'll be back in 2 weeks time"

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LTJ Bukem - April 1995 (Paul Thomas Chill Out Zone)


01. Photek - The Seven Samurai (Photek PTK05)

02. Intensity - Intensity (Basement BRSS48)

03. Ils & Solo - In The Area (Looking Good LGR004)

04. Oblivion - Night Windows (Street Beats SBEATS2)

05. Aquarius & Tayla - Soul Searching (Good Looking GLR013)

06. Source Direct - Stars (Odysee ODY03)

07. PFM - One & Only (Looking Good LGR003)

08. Sentinel - Awakening (Basement BRSS49)


Tracklisting updated. There's a longer recording with these 4 tunes played before The Seven Samurai:


The Architex - Blueprint (Alex Reece remix) [basement - BRSS051]

Mystic Moods - Music Is The Basis Of All Life (Concept 4) [Mystic Moods - MMOODS7]

Danny Breaks - Volume 2A (EZ Rollers Rollin' remix) [Droppin' Science - DS005]

JMJ & Richie - Universal Horn [Moving Shadow - SHADOW68]

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Jumping Jack Frost - 18.01.1995

Alex Reece - Basic Principles [Metalheadz]
Run Tings & Liftin' Spirits - Invincible [Suburban Base]
DJ Kane featuring Vanessa Simon - The Life [Trouble On Vinyl]
Wax Doctor - Kid Caprice [Metalheadz]
London Posse - Live Like The Other Half Do (Pete Parsons Remix) [bullett]
DJ Hype - Going Out For Da Loot [Ganja]
Rhythm For Reasons - The Love Statement (DJ SS remix) [Formation]
Leviticus - Burial - Chronic 4 (Heavyweight Mix) [FFRR]
Roni Size - All The Crew Big Up (Unreleased remix) [unreleased]
DJ Ron - Cannan Land [London Some'ting]
DJ Rap & Voyager - Abyss [Proper Talent - Intelligence LP]
Hopa & Bones - So Sweet [Outcry]
Gappa G & Hyper Hypa - River Nijer (Nookie remix) [Ruff Kut!]
More Rockers - You're Gonna (Make Me) (Roni Size & DJ Krust Remix) [More Rockers]
Babylon 5 - Yes Yes '95 (Mix 2) [Dread]
Bizzy B - 16 Track Ting [Re-Animate - Renegade Selector Presents Jungle Renegades Volume 1 LP]
The Taxi Gang Featuring Beenie Man & Luciano - Crazy Bald Head (Goldie's Vocal Metal Mix) [Island Jamaica]
Trinity - Gangsta (O J Mix) [Philly Blunt]
Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh! [Juice]
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice '95 (Arsonist Dub Mix) [Urban Shakedown]
The JB - Back 2 Life (The Dedication) [Back 2 Basics]

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I have been asked to provide copies of 5 Givin' It Up shows that I have got on tape. They are the very first 5 shows which were to introduce Kiss FM listeners to jungle. Kiss were well behind with the jungle scene prefering to concentrate on techno and abstract with both Colin Favor and Colin Dale continuing until early 94. In March Kiss had a massive shake up which pissed many people including me off and lost Dale, Favor and alot of other well established DJ's


Anyway the mixes are


Fabio & Grooverider 02/03/1994 2.04.10 hrs (missed last 40 mins due to falling asleep)

Jumpin Jack Frost 09/03/1994 2.49.13 hrs

Mickey Finn & GQ 16/03/1994 2.49.25

DJ Rap 23/03/1994 2.48.10

Randell 30/03/1994 2.51.27


The mixes are complete other than tape changes including ads speech etc. They are at 128kbs and help yourself although numbers maybe limited. II will post links as I upload.




Fabio & Grooverider

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:ohmy: awesome!


Were these all of the late night 1am - 4am slots?


I am not sure who moved out to accomodate for jungle, but it was well about time that Kiss did represent some of the drum & bass scene. I know they did playlist hardcore tunes in the early days, with Steve Jackson often playing such tunes on his shows. Other than that Kiss really slept on the hardcore - drum & bass evolvement.


I am particularily interested in that DJ Rap set by the way!

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I have been asked to provide copies of 5 Givin' It Up shows that I have got on tape.


Thanks for doing this. :clap:


As Ornette said, Sendspace is probably one of the better sites to use. I find sites like Megaupload quicker and more reliable, but some people do have problems downloading from them.


If anyone is having difficulties downloading the Fabio & Grooverider show from Filefactory here's another download link:



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Fabio & Grooverider - 02.03.1994





Codename John featuring Grooverider - Smilin [unreleased]

DJ Krust - Asian Love Dance (Mix #2) [unreleased]

Mystical - Bleep [stooge Productions]

FBD Project - Gesture Without Motion [Reinforced]

Noise Of Art - Rollin Deep (Danny Breaks & Andy C Remix) [suburban Base]

Kakoo featuring Simon Bassline Smith - Hypnosis [Tantrum]

Blame & Justice - Essence (The Jazz Testament) [Moving Shadow]

Codename John - Deep Inside Of Me [Prototype]

DJ Trax - High Time (Nookie remix) [Moving Shadow]

Unit 1 - Atlantic Drama [Creative Wax]

DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science - The Rumble (Boom Shaka Mix) [Production House]

AK 47 - Body Candone [Deep & Dark]

Foul Play - Beats Track [Moving Shadow]

FBD Project - Just Wanna Live [bang-In Tunes]

Tekniq - A New Dawn [Formation - Power Play Volume 1 LP]

Low Key Movements - Ear Drums (Good Times) [Reinforced]

Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin (Original Version) (played at 45rpm) [Planet E]

Parallel World - Tear Into It [Good Looking]

Jumping Jack Frost - Osmosis [Formation]

Underworld - Love Can't Turn Around [Target]

DJ Ron - Dangerous (Unreleased Mix ???)

DJ Undacut - Floating (Tek 9 remix) [Deep & Dark]

Grooverider - Do You Dream (remix) [unreleased]


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I've got quite a few tapes, mainly from 97-98 (mostly Randall, Fabio, Frost & Andy C) - taped over most of the earlier shows :doh: but do have a couple of 95 ones. no chance of uploading them at the moment as my tape deck is broken, but will have a go at doing some tracklists using my portable.
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Randall 27.09.1995


Download here http://deepinsidethe...ember-1995.html




Dillinja - Promise [FFRR - Metalheadz presents Platinum Breakz Volume II]

Just Jungle - Jungle Funk [Trouble On Vinyl]

Bonafide - Super Bad [Frontline]

Capone - Soldier [Hardleaders]

The Sentinel - Genesis [basement]

P Funk - Skinz [G-Line - Still Smokin LP]

?? The X - "The Head Nod" (features vocal "this is the kind of groove that makes your head nod")

Doc Scott - Drumz '95 (Nasty Habits remix) [Metalheadz]

Prophets Of Soul - Smoke N Snares [Reinforced]

Adam F - Circles [section 5]

Swift featuring MC Navigator - From The T.O.P. (Mix #1) [unreleased]

L Double - Rok Dat Shit (Big Baggy Shorts Mix) [Flex]

The Outlaw - O.G. Call (The Outlaws Mad Head Remix) [intaleX]

Randall & Flex - Shall Follow [unreleased]

Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott remix) [FFRR]

Eskobar - International (Unreleased Mix) [unreleased]

The Runninz Kru - High Chaparral [Runninz]

Shy FX - Funkindemup [Ebony]

The X - New Dawn (ST-Files Rmx) [Jump Up]

Dillinja - Mutha*ucka [Philly Blunt]

JLM Productions - No Appreciation [Reinforced]

Bounty Killaz - Do It Now (DJ Pulse remix) [Creative Wax]

Dillinja - Vicious [Test]

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Randall - 03.05.1995


P-Funk - P-Funk Era (VIP Mix) [AWOL Live LP Sampler]

The Bomb Squad - Balance [balance]

The Outlaw - O.G. Call [intalex Productions]

Firefox - Bonanza Kid [Philly Blunt]

J Majik - Jim Kutta [Metalheadz]

Randall & Andy C - Sound Control (Remix) [Ram]

DJ Krust - Set Speed [V]

General Degree - Papa Lover Jungle (DJ Stretch Remix) [street Tuff - STR 10R]

Da Intalex - I Like It (remix) [intalex Productions]

L Double & Liccle D - Running For Years (Rasta Sound) [Jungle Renegades Volume 1 LP]

Photek - The Seven Samurai [Photek]

MA2 - Rollers Music (Recut) [Formation]

DJ Dextrous - Wanted (Dead Or Alive) [subversive]

Andy C - Roll On [Ram]

Dillinja - Genius/First Klass (Unreleased Mix) [unreleased]

Three Disciples - Gwarn (Tek 9 remix) [Flex]

Higher Sense - People Of The Universe (remix) [Moving Shadow]

Photek - Consciousness [Metalheadz]

Lemon D - This Is L.A. (Unreleased Mix) [unreleased]

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Kenny Ken - 21.12.1994



Shortie - Jump & Dance (Mix 1) [breakin' World]

Frankie Paul & Buju Banton - Bring Yuh Body (Jungle mix) [street Tuff]

D*Note featuring MC Navigator - Criminal Justice (A Guy Called Gerald remix) [Dorado]

Shy FX - Simple Tings [sOUR]


DJ Ron - Cannan Land [London Some'ting]

Doc Scott - Far Away (Fourteen Flavours Of Funk) [Metalheadz]

DJ Phantasy - Relax [Liquid Wax]


DJ Trace - Final Chapta (Chronic Mix - Dubplate Version) [unreleased]

DJ Rush Puppy - Bad Man Lighter (Jump Up Mix) [Firm Handed]

Leviticus - Burial - Chronic 3 (Combination Mix) [FFRR]

The Dream Team - Stamina (Joker remix) [suburban Base]


Adam F - Criminal Active [section 5]

DJ Ash & DJ Vern - Squeeze [Tearin Vinyl]

D.R.S. featuring Kenny Ken - Everyman [Rugged Vinyl]


Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound [suburban Base]

Junior Dangerous - Original Lover [Avex Trax - Jungle Fever Vol. 2 - Love Jungle Love - CD Only]

DJ Rock & Original DJ Vibes - Grown In The Jungle [Active]

Remarc - R.I.P. [suburban Base]

Sponge - Shabbutz [suburban Base]





On Final Chapta (Chronic Mix - Dubplate Version) - something on dubplate from Dee Jay Recordings, an unfinished project, so this won't be coming out unfortunately

On Squeeze - dubplate pressure right here on Kiss with me Kenny Ken up until the hour of 11 O'Clock

On Squeeze - bigging up all the INTA crew in the studio with me

On Grown In The Jungle - time fast approaching 11 O'Clock, or ten to to be exact

On Shabbutz - last one from me, should be on again in a couple of months, I think next week you've got the great Grooverider

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Hype - 13.09.1995



Desired State - Goes Around (remix) [Ram]

Rude Bwoy Monty - Warp 10 (Heavyweight Mix - Dubplate Version) [unreleased]

L.Double / Shy FX - The Shit [Flex]

Eskobar - International (Unreleased Mix) [unreleased]

DJ Krome & Mr Time - Mad Funk [Tearin Vinyl]


DJ Hype - Stomp Ya Feet [G-Line - Still Smokin' LP]

Co-Cain - Roll Dat Shit [Runninz]

Jo - R Type (95 Remix) [unreleased]


DJ Hype - On That Dust (The Regulators remix) [Ganja]

XTC & DJ Keen Nottingham - Reload And Come Again [Greensleeves]

Dillinja - Mutha*ucka [Philly Blunt]


4 Hero - Journey From The Light [Reinforced]

Subnation - Scotties Sub [Mercyless]

DJ Randall - The R [Reinforced]

Red Light - "It's The New Style" [unreleased]


DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter (Remix - VIP Mix for DJ Hype) [unreleased]

DJ Hype - We Must Unite [G-Line - Still Smokin' LP]

Dred Bass featuring The J.B. - World Of Music [back 2 Basics]


DJ Phantasy - Open Your Eyes [sophisticated Underground Sounds]

Timebase - Funky [Tearin Vinyl]

Pascal - True Grit [G-Line - Still Smokin' LP]


Redlight - The Future Is Dark [G-Line - Still Smokin' LP]

General Degree - Papa Lover (Unreleased Stretch & Teebone Remix) [unreleased]

DJ Krush - Meiso (4 Hero Vocal Mix) [Mo Wax]


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