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LTJ Bukem - 23.07.1997




01. Omni Trio - Skeleton Keys (Omni Trio Remix) (Moving Shadow ASHADOW10LP)

02. Cedar - Equinox (Good Looking GLR031)

03. David Arnold - The James Bond Theme (LTJ Bukem Remix) (EastWest)

04. Odyssey - Artificial Life (Earth EARTHLP002)

05. Interloper - Get Together (The Sax Track) (Rugged Vinyl RUGGED21)

06. Alaska & Nucleus - Project Two (Nexus NEXUS004)

07. Seba - Camouflage (Looking Good LGR016)

08. Blu Mar Ten - Cumulus (Good Looking - Blu Mar Ten Producer CD)

09. Seba - Connected (Looking Good LGR014)

10. Wayward Minds - Feet Don't Fail Me Now (Xpressive Journey Mix - Dubplate Version) (Unreleased)

11. Motive One - Cosmik (Good Looking GLR024)

12. Seba - Catch The Moment (Looking Good LGR014)

13. Motive One - Loop Progression (Good Looking GLR024)

14. Intense - Flashback (Earth EARTHLP002)

15. LTJ Bukem - Cosmic Interlude (Earth EARTHLP002)

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LTJ Bukem - 04.12.1996



Ray Keith - Rare Groove [Penny Black - Breakage Vol. 1 LP]

Tayla - Dimensions (Prototype Mix) [unreleased]

>> adverts

Aquasky - Dezires [Moving Shadow]

Time Signature - Sweet Power [Dee Jay]

>> adverts

?? (Axis ?)

Blu Mar Ten - Slipstream [Good Looking]

>> adverts

Earl Grey - My Soul's On Ice [Rugged Vinyl]


Big Bud - Millenium [Creative Source]

Nookie - Moments In Space [Labello Blanco]

Intense - 1st Contact [Vibez]

DJ Trace - By Any Means Necessary (Speed Mix) [Dee Jay]

>> adverts

Blame - Cuban Lynx [720 Degrees]

Aquasky - Universe [Passenger]

>> adverts

Open Mind - Body Force [Easy Street]


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Andy C - 22.7.1998 https://www.hardscore.com/?p=1367


1. Optical "Can You Read" (Virus)

2. Flytronix "Contemporary Acoustic Jam (Origin Unknown rmx)" (Moving Shadow)

3. Ram Trilogy "Intercity" (Ram)

4. Grooverider "Rainbows Of Colour (Vip Mix)" (Higher Ground)

5. Successful Criminals - Music Madness" (Moving Shadow)

6. Ed Rush & Optical "Fixation" (Virus)

7. Krust "True Stories" (Talkin Loud)

8. Boom Boom Satellites - Dub me Crazy (Optical rmx) (R&S)

9. Jonny L "Intasound" (XL)

10. Dillinja "Thugs" (Dubplate Mix?) (Test)

11. Roni Size/Represent "Watching Windows (Die Gnarly mix)" (Talkin Loud)

1. Redone "Strangled duck" (Liftin spirits)

2. Ed&Op "Point blank" (Virus)

3. Adam F "Brand Nu Funk" (V recordings)

4. Ram trilogy "No reality" (Ram)

5. Trace "Sonar (Lost Steppa mix)" - lost DAT

6. Bad Company "The nine" (BC Records)

7. Cybaspace (feat. Shanie) "Search For Me (Dillinja Remix)" (Cyba)

8. Jonny L "See Red" (XL)

9. Ed Rush & Op "Wormhole" (Virus)

10. Ed Rush & Op "Mystery Machine" (Virus)

11. Magnetic Media "Poison Vapour" (Liftin Spirit)

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Andy C - 29.7.1998 https://www.hardscore.com/?p=1367


Ed Rush & Optical - mystery Machine - Virus

Fresh & Vegas - Mekon - Breakbeat Science

Ram Trilogy - Scanners - Ram

Adam F - Dirty Harry (Peshay & Decoder Remix) - F Jams

Makai - Northstar (Matrix Remix) - Precision Breakbeat Research

Ed Rush & Optical - Compound - Virus

Shanie - Give Up On You (Moving Fusion Remix) - Cyba

Jonny L - Brother - XL

Flytronix - Contempory Acoustic Jam (Shimon Remix) - Moving Shadow

Mersa - Petrol Jelly - Intacom

Optical - Can U Read - Virus


Ram Trilogy - Mind Overload - Ram

Jonny L - Intasound - XL

Ed Rush & Optical - Vendetta - Virus

Ram Trilogy - No Reality - Ram

Adam F - Brand New Funk - V Recordings

Dillinja - Thugs - Test

Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole - Virus

Matrix - Gap the Mind - Virus

Red One - Strangled Duck - Liftin Spirit

Jonny L - See Red - XL

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Mickey Finn - 16.03.1994



[00:00] Renegade - Terrorist [Moving Shadow]

[04:00] Doc Scott - V.I.P. Drumz [Metalheadz]

[07:34] Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]

[11:03] Rogue Unit - Dance Of The Sarooes [Labello Blanco]

[15:58] Cloud Nine - You Got Me Burnin' (Ray Keith & Nookie remix) [Moving Shadow]

[21:16] A-Zone - Calling The People [White House]

[24:54] Wild Rythems - Junglist 94 [Hardcore Vinyl]

[28:00] DJ Buz - Slave [No U-Turn]

[32:34] Essence Of Aura - Can I Dream (Doc Scott remix) [Outstanding]

[34:59] DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science - The Rumble (Boom Shaka Mix) [Production House]

[37:41] Cool Hand Flex - Dark & Misty [De Underground]

[40:35] Smokey Joe - Special Request [Labello Blanco]

[45:33] The Firm - Jailhouse Rave (Porridge Mix) [Mendoza]

[50:28] F.O.I. - Exidus [Kemet]

[57:33] Bobby Pruit - Tried So Hard (Vocal Mix) [Murk]

[01:02:24] Cro & Company – Just A Kiss (Cro's Mix) [Hardball]

[01:06:30] ???

[01:09:39] Inner City - Do Ya (Sure Is Pure Dub Mix) [Columbia]

[01:15:52] Donna Black - Find Sum In U (Chez D Trent UK Dub) [serious Grooves]

[01:19:20] Nu Phonic Featuring Charvoni - I Wanna Be Your Lover (King Street Trackin Yah Dub) [BPM King Street Sounds]

[01:22:40] Deep Walker - Just Deep [Noise]

[01:27:15] Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Round The World Mix) [Epic Dance]

[01:31:00] MK featuring Alana - Love Changes (Deep Mix) [Charisma]

[01:34:37] Lynn Lockamie - Love So Strong (Metro Dub) [One]

[01:38:52] Funktion featuring Sir Charles - Give It To Me (Mentalinstrum's Mix) [soul Creation]

[01:42:28] ???

[01:46:03] 4th Measure Men - 4 You [Area 10]

[01:49:20] Scottie Deep Presents Daddy's Moods - C.H.A.N.T.S. (D's Mow Mow Mix) [Thumpin!]

[01:53:40] Todd Terry - Say It Again [TNT]

[01:59:56] DJ Monk & Kenny Ken - Good Body Girl (remix) [K.L.P.]

[02:05:42] DJ Hype - Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix) [suburban Base]

[02:09:04] Unknown Artist - Dreadie [Not On Label - JJ-01]

[02:12:52] M-Beat - Rumble (Remix 1) [Renk]

[02:16:13] DJ Rap & Aston - Get Rushed [suburban Base]

[02:19:49] DJ Ron - Mo Musik (African Chant Mix) [Rough Tone]

[02:24:25] Low Key Movements - Come Cross!! (Dubplate Mix) [digital release on Flex Records - The Lost Remix Scrolls Remastered]

[02:27:42] ??? (unreleased Smokey Joe / Labello Blanco dubplate)

[02:31:58] T.S / M.F. - New Jack In Jungle [Wicked Soundz]

[02:35:35] Andy C - Cool Down [Ram]

[02:40:00] D'Cruze - Watch Out (The Lost Micky Finn VIP Dubplate) [Suburban Base]

[02:43:35] M-Beat - Shuffle (A) [Renk]

[02:47:13] Skool Of Hard Knocks - Kandy Man [Grand Larceny]

[02:48:38] DJ Taktix - The Way (VIP Mix for Mickey Finn) [unreleased]

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Jumping Jack Frost - 12.03.1997


Audio (2nd half of show) https://www.mixcloud...s-fm-show-1997/


01. Dr. S. Gachet - The Message (Audio Maze)

02. Lightning Seeds - You Showed Me (DJ Pulse Remix) (Epic)

03. Peshay - Fight Them (Peshay Remix) (Scam)

04. State Logik - Technologik (State Of The Art)

05. Nuyorican Soul - It's Alright, I Feel It! (Roni Size Remix) (Talkin' Loud)

06. Roni Size - It's Jazzy (V Recordings)

07. Roni Size & Reprazent - Mad Cat (Talkin' Loud)

08. Lemon D - Change (Remix) (V Recordings)

09. Roni Size & Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag (Talkin' Loud)

10. One Tribe (feat. Gem) - What Have You Done? (Is This All...) (Inner Rhythm)

11. Cybotron Feat. Dillinja - Light Years (Prototype)

12. Dillinja - Unexplored Terrain (V Recordings)

13. John B - Gatekeeper (Alt Mix) (Unreleased)

14. IQ Collective - Transmission (Trouble On Vinyl)

15. Shimon & Andy C - Genetix (Ram)

16. DJ Krust - Soul in Motion (Full Cycle)

17. Mask & Swabe - Cash Till (Dope Dragon)

18. Mask - Mad Professor (Dope Dragon)

19. Scorpio - Li-Li (V Recordings)

20. Ed Rush & Fierce - Locust (Sony)

21. Scorpio - Trouble (V Recordings)

22. Blackstreet - No Diggity (Aphrodite Dub Mix) (White Label)

23. Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Remix) (31 Records)

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nice one, been trying to id this for years. got my order in now :biggrin:


It was being referred to as: Manifesto - Find Me (Peshay Remix)


Definitely an earlier track than Miles From Home. Possibly a cancelled release for Mo Wax? (only speculating here)

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It was being referred to as: Manifesto - Find Me (Peshay Remix)


Definitely an earlier track than Miles From Home. Possibly a cancelled release for Mo Wax? (only speculating here)


Yeah took its time getting released, by which point I had stopped buying records. Still got there in the end. :smile: This original liquid funk style is timeless unlike a lot of the tunes being produced today.

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Jumping Jack Frost - 05.04.1995





Just Jungle - Sky [Trouble On Vinyl]

Cloud 9 - Jazzmin [Moving Shadow]

Dillinja - Music [Epic - Cutting Edge LP]

Roni Size - It's A Jazz Thing (Ladies Mix) [V]

Dillinja - Genius/First Klass (Unreleased Mix) [unreleased]

DJ Krust - Picture [unreleased]

Armageddon - Nina's Rinse [Dread]

DJ Krome & Mr Time - Ganja Man (DJ Hype remix) [Tearin Vinyl]

DJ Krust - Poison [V]

Randall & Andy C - Sound Control (AWOL VIP Mix) [AWOL Live LP]

Splash - Babylon (Ray Keith remix) [Dee Jay]

Pascal - In Da Meantime [G-Line - Still Smokin' LP]

Tarzan featuring Warren G - Watch The People (Full Length Vocal Mix) [unreleased]

Trinity - Gangsta (O.J. Mix) [Philly Blunt]

Roni Size - Phyzical (Vintage remix) [V]

Desired State - Goes Around [Ram]

Lemond D - Don't Make Me Wait [Conqueror]

Roni Size - Fresh (Mask remix) [V]

Roni Size - Fashion (Roni Size remix) [V]


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Fabio - 20.10.1995



The Sentinel - Awakening [basement]

DJ Trace - After Hours [Dee Jay]

Carlito - Heaven [Creative Source]


Mystic Moods - Listen (VIP Mix) [Mystic Moods]

Natural Mystic - Illusions [Timeless]


Intense - The Sax Lick [Way Out]

Mixrace & Proton Iso-Space - Roll With It [Timeless]

Subject 13 - Oceans [Creative Source]

Underworld - The Rising [Target]


Subject 13 - Mystical Flight [Vibez]

Electric Blue - Deepness [Precious Materials]

??? Wax Doctor ???

Pim - Wicked Women (Undiscovered Mix) [All Good Vinyl]

The Invisible Man - Tripping On Technology [Glass Moon Productions]





On Awakening - "brand new stuff from the Wax Doctor, Q Project, Alex Reece, some Hidden Agenda coming your way, DJ Trace, Adam F and so forth"

On After Hours - "big respect going out to Jim & Phil, Sounds Of Life every time, saw them guys last night for the first time, looking out for some new material from you lot soon"

On After Hours - "can't keep playing the dubplates all the time, gonna play you strictly released business for the first half hour"

On After Hours - "big hello to Justin, what can I say Justin mate ... you, Rob Playford and Conrad, get it together sort it out"

On Heaven - "something brand new and fresh coming up from Carlito later on in the jazzstep"

On Listen (VIP Mix) - "I thought I'd play some released stuff today because everyone keeps saying to me what's the name of that track, and they're dubplates half the time so I thought, well, stop being so flash and play some released stuff"

On The Rising - "time for the ad breaks, back after this with the living jazzstep"

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Fabio - 02.02.1996



Carlito - Heaven [Creative Source]

Carlito - Grapevine [Creative Source]

Funky Technicians - Airtight (remix) [Legend]

Natural Mystic - Space [Octopus]


DJ Krust - Memories [Full Cycle]

Frank De Wulf - Drums In A Grip (Wax Doctor Remix) [Harthouse]

Deep Blue & Blame - Transitions [Moving Shadow]


S.O.S. - Spacefunk 3 (Future Bound Remix) [Timeless]

LTJ Bukem - Music (Happy Raw) [Good Looking]

Photek - Rings Around Saturn [Photek]

Skin Divers - Size 12 [All Good Vinyl]


JMJ & Flytronix - In Too Deep [Moving Shadow]

Wax Doctor - Kid Caprice (Funk Mix) [R&S - Wax Doctor: Selected Works 94-96 LP]

Hidden Agenda - The Slide [Creative Source]

Funky Technicians - Second Look [Creative Source]





On Heaven - "got some killers to play tonight - brand new Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, Photek, Hidden Agenda, Blame and so forth"

On Music (Happy Raw) - "there's a possibility of a remix of Music and a remix of Horizon coming your way sometime in the summer"

On Size 12 - "into the jazzstep"

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Hype - 22.11.1995





Pascal - Movin' On [suburban Base]

Sappo - Dope Man [Flex]

Dopeskillz - 6 Million Ways [Frontline]


Embee - Rude Dog [splash]

The Dream Team - Raw Dogs [Joker]

Shy FX - Funkindemup (VIP Mix for DJ Hype) [unreleased]


DJ Zinc - What Is It (Dubplate Mix) [unreleased]

Tribe Of Issachar featuring Peter Bouncer - Junglist [Congo Natty]

Dope Skillz - Yeah Bwoy [Frontline]

Ganja Kru - Bring The Horns (Dubplate Mix) [unreleased]


Pascal - Like Dat [suburban Base]

Adam F - Circles [section 5]

DJ Krust - Angles (Drum Beat Intro Mix) [unreleased - V Recordings Retrospect Vol. 1 CD]

Bizzy B - 16 Track Ting (The Dream Team Re-Lick) [brain]

DJ Zinc - On Fire Tonight [Ganja]

Bonafide - Super Bad [Frontline]

DJ Nut Nut - Back In The Days [Deep Jungle & 8205]

Darkman - Let's Roll [Little Rollers]

D.N.A. - D.N.A. [Full Cycle]

Babylonian - Mixdat (Run It) [No Smoking]

Stakka & K.Tee - Bad Influence (Remix) [Liftin' Spirit]

H.M.P. - Runin's (Origin Unknown Mix) [G-Line - Still Smokin LP]


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Grooverider - 10.01.1997




Optical - Grey Odyssey [Higher Ground - The Prototype Years LP]
Goldie - I'll Be There For You [FFRR - Saturnz Return LP]
Photek - Ni - Ten - Ichi - Ryu (Two Swords Technique) [Science]
J Majik - Lightsabre [Infrared]

Louis Street - 2nd Flava [Louis Street Recordings]

Czech - I Do Believe (Wax Doctor Remix) [Virgin]

John B - Secrets [Higher Ground - Prototype Years LP]

Codename John - Deep Inside Of Me [Prototype]

Matrix - Junk [New Identity]

Dom & Optical - Concrete Shoes [Moving Shadow]

DJ Pulse - Destiny (Flytronix Remix) (All Good Vinyl)

?? Unreleased Optical ??

Lemon D - City Lights (Prototype)

Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Remix) (31 Records)

Goldie - Kemistry (Grooverider VIP Mix) (Razors Edge)

Cybotron Feat. Dillinja - Light Years (Prototype)

Matrix - Fluid Motion (New Identity)

DJ Krust - Soul in Motion (Full Cycle)

LTJ Bukem - Music (Peshay Re-Work) (Nexus)

Subject 13 - Jazz Style (Creative Source)

Helen T - Diverse City (IDM)

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Grooverider - 16.02.1996



Adam F - F Jam [F-Jams]

Innervisions - In The Shadow [Reinforced]

The Medicine Men - Scream In The Jungle (Lemon D Remix) [Headroom]


Mind 21 - Mindz (Manarli Mix) [Fosters Ice]

Funky Technicians - Fever [Timeless]


Boymerang - Soul Beat Runna [Regal]

Mouly & Lucida - Inertia [Timeless]

Ed Rush - Killamanjaro [Prototype]

Flytronix - Ready Ta Flo (Dom & Roland remix) [Moving Shadow]

Innervisions - Inside Yourself [Reinforced]

Kenny Larkin - Loop 2 (Alex Reece remix) [R&S]

Paul Z - Beautiful Dreams [Prophecy]


Funky Technicians - Sound Trak [Legend]

Ed Rush - Subway [Prototype]

Lemon D - In My Life [FFRR - Platinum Breakz LP]

Skyscraper - Liberty 1 [Emotif]

Desired State - Here & Now (Remix) [Ram]

DJ Fokus - On Line (DrumnBass Mix) [Dee Jay]

Dillinja - All Means Necessary (Mix 2) [unreleased]

Adam F - Circles (Remix) [section 5]

Studio Pressure - Resolution [Photek]

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Fabio - 13.10.1995



Artinis - Inner Rhythm [underdog]

Big Bud - Temptation [Creative Source]

The Rising Sons - Body & Soul [Creative Wax]


Mouly & Lucida - Inertia [Timeless]

The Chameleon - Links [Good Looking]


S.O.S. - Space Funk [Timeless]

Hidden Agenda - Get Carter [Metalheadz]

Motive One - Red Moon [Certificate 18]


Cleveland Watkiss - Introducing [breakbeat Science Volume 2 LP]

Carlito - Grapevine [Creative Source]

Primary Motive - Electric Blue [Creative Source]


Alex Reece - Touch Me [Al's Records]

Model 500 - The Flow (Alex Reece Chapter 2 remix) [unreleased]





On Inner Rhythm - "playing brand new stuff from Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, JMJ & Richie, Mouly & Lucida, Danny C"

On Inertia - "I'm not gonna be moaning about anything tonight or preaching because the hoover bass saga, a lot of people took what I said totally the wrong way, so if you're going

to be that ignorant about it ... I stick by anything I say I don't regret saying anything"

On Inertia - "I'm not about to get shoved in back rooms, like called intelligent rooms and things like that because that's absolute nonsense, because really we should all be playing

on the same platform"

On Red Moon - "we're gonna go to the ad break, back after that with the jazzstep"

On Grapevine - (talking about Introducing) "played that one a few times on the show and that it is what you call the real deal, real jazz stuff"

On Grapevine - "around another 45 minutes left"

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Kenny Ken - 08.03.1995


Mark Caro - Jack It Up [blast]


Soundcraft - Ruff Ride [Tech Itch]

Top Cat meets DJ Rap - Ruffest Gun Ark [Jungle Fashion]

DJ Dextrous & H Pee - Hot Flame [subversive]


Mark Caro - Sling Wide (A) [Rough Tone]

Asylum - Da Base II Dark [Metalheadz]

Danny Breaks - Easy [Droppin' Science]


Private Productions - Education [Reinforced]

DMS & The Boneman X - Sweet Vibrations (Kimble & Half Breed remix) [sure Shot]

Goldie - Saint Angel (Album Mix) [FFRR - Timeless LP]

DJ Phantasy - Ruff & Ready [intalektive]


Deadly D - Mi Nar 'Fraid [Telepathy: Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special LP]

Roni Size - Fashion [V]

D.O.P.E. - Travelling (remix) [Rugged Vinyl]


Adam F - Enchanted (DJ Krust remix) [section 5]

London's Most Wanted - Girls Dem Want It (Original Mix) [Philly Blunt]

In Between The Lines - 95 Rampage [Formation]


Blackstar featuring Top Cat - Champion DJ (London Sumting remix) [Congo Natty]

Bounty Killer - How The West Was Won (DJ Monk Jungle Mix) [Greensleeves]


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