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rolldabeats relaunch party - Craggz & Parallel Forces, Equinox


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It's been a long time since our first RDB party but, fear not, we are back and to celebrate the relaunch we've put together a night of musical pleasure for everyone and the best thing is - it's FREE!




Saturday 7th March 2009


Craggz & Parallel Forces (Valve, Product)

Equinox (Metalheadz, Scientific Wax)

Haste (rolldabeats)

Ben Kei


Playing some wicked old skool all night. Expect tunes all the way through the 90s from hardcore through jungle all the way up some dirty Headz style beats.


We'll be at The Castle, 44 Commercial Road, London EC1 1LN, the infamous late night boozer that has played host to nights from A Bunch Of Cuts (D-Bridge, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Klute, and others) Nucleus & Trax, Bailey, DJ Trace and a host of other luminaries...


The night will be kicking off around 9ish and going through all the way until an impressive 5am.


Nearest tubes - Aldgate/Aldgate East



Free entry for all but we'd welcome donations on the door to help cover costs. As always, any money raised goes straight back into the site.


Anyone who came before will know that the tunes will be in full force all night long so we promise great music, great vibes and a nice cheap way to spend a night for those who are feeling the crunch.


:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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It was fookin' superb. There have been plenty of comments about it on DOA and the like.


We have the sets recorded (with a few bits missing here and there for minidisc changes and general drunkenness) and I believe there will be some pics materialising very soon.


All in all it was a great night. The place was absolutely packed and everyone was dancing and shouting away until the very last tune at 5am. The vibe was totally awesome in there and loads of people turned up who Rob and I haven't seen in a long, long time. Wasn't really sure how the night was gonna go but it really exceeded my expectations.


I was shattered by the end and, because of this, my (second) set could probably be categorised under comedy if you wanted to. Managed the play the wrong tune on a 12" twice and mixing was all over the shop. Equinox, Parallel Forces and Ben Kei all absolutely killed it, my fav was Equinox who just destroyed the place. Relentless tunes, the guy was not up for letting anyone catch a breath. Parallel was totally wicked and played some serious beats on a Headz vibe, loads that I haven't heard in ages and was drawing top selection all the way through. Ben was throwing amens out all over the place like they were going out of fashion and was totally on point.


The long and the short of it is that there will be more of these nights, that's for sure. We're gonna start looking at venues in the near future and have a couple in mind. I've been chatting to a few people about potential link ups and I think we really need to make these a regular happening.


Rob and I both agree that we're not totally sure how we've managed to pull it off but, speaking with no bias and just as an old skool fan, these nights have been some of the most fun I've ever had going out clubbing.


Onward and upward :biggrin:

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All the way from Milton Keynes?!


Thanks so much for making the effort!


I'm gathering pics that people took and am trying to get the sets off the minidisc and into mp3 for upload for an events page on the site. If you have any pics of your own then feel free to send over to our gmail account - rolldabeats@gmail.com and I'll put them up there as well

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yeah wasn't a lovely drive home, and i ran someone down on the way in, but all was well!


as for pics, we got some brilliant pictures of some of the dj's at work, the camera we were using always adds some sketchy lighting effects that give the impression of technicolour fireflies dancing round the focus of the photo! i will get on it asap!




just a note in curiousity, we came last year to a bunchofcuts.com was that in anyway related to this?

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Nah, a bunch of cuts isn't related to us. It's something to do with Calibre/Marcus Intalex and those guys, isn't it?


You ran someone down? :doh: :ohmy:


Looking forward to getting the pics :dancing:

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I suggest on the next one everyone on who posts on rolldabeats with unreleased old dubplates should turn up and have the biggest backtoback mix/pissup and the set would be legendary because of the resulting 100% unreleased jungle dubs mix to drool over.


Then arguments over what tunes to use etc...

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