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New audio player


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I've just uploaded the newest version of the audio player to the live site. This has been tested on our development server so there shouldn't be anything too weird going on, you may well see a big yellow bar appear on the site at first, though. If you do, just refresh a few times and it'll go! :lol: :blink:


New features


New design: not a huge change but things look a little prettier now


Scrubbable timeline: handy for our new longer clips, you can instantly jump to anywhere in the tune now


Clip info: Names & tune titles now displayed so you can keep track of what's being played


Pause button: does what it says on the tin!


Improved file loading: no more weird waiting for track buffering or strange 1 second spurts of sound before the clip plays!


Error reporting: Helpful messages when there has been a problem, at least you'll know why nothing's loaded now


All problems with different browsers should be fixed and anyone noticing anything weird please post in this thread.


We've got a few more changes coming very soon but will leave them for another day... :P

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