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Soul II Soul - Get a Life (DJ Krust Remix) [1996]


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Scan of the Bryan G column:




Also mentioned in Atmosphere Issue 30. I know the Maximum Style/Tom & Jerry remix of Joy was released, but I don't think the L Double remixes of Fairplay were released. Does anyone know?



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Interesting. I spotted the comment on Discogs suggesting 2.2 "No Man" b/w "First Klass" was indeed intended for that R.O.A.R. label... http://www.discogs.c...release/2646465


I remember that shop. You had to climb up two flights of narrow staircase at the back of a video shop on Walworth Road to get to it!


I wonder what happened with the releases. :)

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I'm wondering if maybe this might have been the 'first' release of the label:

old http://rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56108


The poster there does seem to suggest it did make it to promo/test press stage. Could it be that maybe Soul II Soul clamped down on hearing this, and then somehow a deal was worked out to result in the FDRT011 release?



A question would be who done the 'Missing You' remix on that 12".


As for 'Joy' is this actually a Tom & Jerry remix? The entries we have are of Dillinja & DJ SS


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I'm sure I've said it before, but it was a real missed opportunity I think, this 'Soul II Jungle' project (as Bryan G cites it)... would have given the scene a real shot-in-the-arm, especially as I think jungle at that point was still not yet dead


I noticed DJ SS made some comments, which might be in relation to this



Talking of unreleased tracks, ‘Keep on Movin’ was such a massive tune. What was the story behind the track being pulled? Have you tried since to obtain sample rights?

“I was approached by Soul 2 Soul’s record label to produce an official remix which we were all obviously really pleased about. However, when the track was finished both parties couldn’t agree on the right deal. Looking back we should have just accepted the deal and put the track out, especially considering the M Beat remix wasn’t anywhere near as good as ours in my opinion.”


Is there a clip of the fair play mixes? I dont think I downloaded that clip


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Soul II Soul - Keep on Moving adverts from Eternity and Atmosphere magazines in 1996. I'll scan any others I find tomorrow.


Eternity Magazine - Volume 2 Issue 1 (April 1996)




Eternity Magazine - Volume 2 Issue 2 (May 1996)




Eternity Magazine - Volume 2 Issue 4 (July 1996)




Atmosphere Magazine - Issue 31 (June 1996)




Atmosphere Magazine - Issue 31 (June 1996)



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Wow that's the motherload right there! :D


A bit more than I expected


Was just trying to figure whenabouts this was intended to come out... We can see it went to promo before the MA3 remixes for instance, and after the Baracuda EP - have a look here - updated: here - updated: here

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A question would be who done the 'Missing You' remix on that 12".


Seems we now actually have an answer to this


Would you believe it, that FDRT011 is actually getting a repress



and that the mix in question is credited to Noodles & Wonder

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