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Incorrect track audio: please help ID these!


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I've been receiving error reports from people reporting that tracks don't have the correct audio clips. My knowledge of post-2000 D&B is not that great so I don't know what the tunes in the audio clips actually are. Rather than just delete the audio, it would be good to re-assign them to the correct tracks if we can.


I'll post all the track links with incorrect audio below, please let me know if you can name what the tunes in the clips are. It's possible that some are correct but people are just confused or having technical problems. Let me know if they're the right tunes too.












http://rolldabeats.c...cordings/vrs004 (are these the right way round?)






http://rolldabeats.c..._records/stur43 (do the tracks need swapping?)

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http://rolldabeats.c...cordings/vrs004 - These are correct. I believe some copies of the 12" were mislabelled so confusion inevitable.


http://rolldabeats.c...ohn_b-sheep_dip - The tracks are the wrong way round. Sheep Dip has the audio for Pressure (Remix) and vice versa.


I will check the Stakka & Skynet - Voyager when I get a chance, the rest I can't help with.

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Ok going by some tunes I been checking out, and comments on youtube, I've gone and checked out the following


Various Artists - Blazin'



A. Kraken - Side Effects - correct

B. Profound Noize - Nu Level - correct

C. Stakka & K.Tee - Synthesis - correct

D. Hard Evidence - Mindfield - is actually Arkane - Fever

E. Profound Noize - Luminous - is actually Hard Evidence - Mindfield

F. Kraken - Warped (DJ Red Remix) - is actually Profound Noize - Luminous

G. Arkane - Fever - is actually Kraken - Warped (DJ Red Remix)

H. Kraken - Analogue Spikes - correct

I. Spy - Vapour - correct

J. Profound Noize - No Way Out (Dillinja Remix) - correct


Hope that's all correct!

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Genres are added on a track by track basis and, at the moment, admin users are only able to add these. Eventually we are likely to open this up to the RDB community but, for now, we'd appreciate your help in letting us know what track should have what genre.
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Mampi Swift - Long Life EP



I've been having a look at this and it seems the clips are mixed up on this one also. Not sure the clearest way to explain changes... so I'm gonna do in a slightly different way to before


A. Long Life

B. The Bug - needs the audio on L.S.D.

C. L.S.D. - needs the audio on Long Life

D. Fusion - needs the audio on The Bug

E. Hypnotist - needs the audio on The Sound

F. The Sound - needs the audio on Hypnotist


There's no youtube for "Long Life" but going by the other 5 it must be the one that's currently playing on "Fusion". Does anyone have a copy of this to confirm?

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Top Cat - Original Ses (Police In Helicopter)





These are all playing the wrong clip for the title track, and is instead playing the 'dub' mix from the b-side of the Ray Keith remix 12"



The Ray Keith 12" doesn't feature the original mix, but a vocal / dub of the remix


Also the original is different to both versions on CONGONATTY14 (which we have no clips for!)

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Congo Natty - Lion Did Crown / Move, Move



This is incorrectly playing the audio from ZION08


The "Lion Did Crown" on ZION07 is an earlier version - you can check that here https://www.htfr.com..._lion_did_crown


Here's the other side of it


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Lion Of Judah - Jungle Souljah / Rasta Music



Either the tracks are listed here the wrong way ie. should be A: "Rasta Music" and AA: "Jungle Souljah",

or the labels are printed wrong on the release,


but either way the audio is playing the wrong track for each side.


This is the Jungle Souljah for the release (currently listed as "Rasta Music")


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Tribe Of Issachar - Junglist [RAS 1]



Audio on this is wrong - is playing the 'No Sell Out' mix from RAS3 for the A side ie. 'Original Dubplate Mix'


B side is playing the 'Original Dubplate Mix' that should be for the A side. Which means there is no 'Part Two' audio.


This is part two:



Part two drops into the "Life Could" break beat, as opposed to "Versatility" in the original

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