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Spectrum - Paradise [Inna Rhythm]


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I have a strong feeling Spectrum are Inna Rhythm off this release on Tone Def:



Notice the track entitled 'Carrie' on the Spectrum release with 'Original Mix', same spelling as well, and the label is called Inna Rhythm. Anyone have the records to confirm this?

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Ahh I see -

Don't know that label but I do have one of their releases on Sub Assertive Sounds


Interesting it says "Caddel, Lewis & Taylor" on the Big Time EP... But currently we have Steve Caddell, Arif Salif, & Matt Taylor listed



Looks like Arif is only indicated as an engineer on the SAS releases: "Engineered by Arif at the Purple Palace", but with a writer credit on the other


So I wonder who "Lewis" is...


JJ can you point to any sets with the INN001 "Carrie" tune on it?

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JJ can you point to any sets with the INN001 "Carrie" tune on it?


I've not heard the original mix on any sets, but the other tracks on INN 001 are on a few sets from July & August 1994. The Tone Def release was also out on promo in July 1994 and the revamped mix of Carrie on that release was played by DJ Rap on her 18th May 1994 Kiss FM show.


Maybe the original mix of Carrie was sent to Tone Def and they decided to release a revamped version of it. As it was signed under the Inna Rhythm moniker this left Spectrum free to release the original mix and a couple of their other tracks on Inna Rhythm around the same time.

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Nice one for the credits info Ornette, and JJ I like your speculation, seems to make sense! I reckon the original mix of Carrie could possibly be on a couple Darren Jay sets from early 94, seeing as he was linked to Tone Def Records. He'd played the flipside of Carrie 'Infinity' on dubplate in March as well.


Still a bit unclear, but safe to say they're definitely linked I say.

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